Headed up to Ontario...

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  1. Hey guys (and gals :) )

    Kingfisher88 and I have planned a trip to his Grandparent's cottage to do some fishing. It's located in Pointe Au Baril right off of Georgian Bay, and we'll be there the beginning of July.

    Any insight as to what species will be biting most readily, and what lures are consistant producers? I just want to know what to stock up on before we leave! I made the mistake of going there last year with minimal gear, and that's not gonna happen again!!

    Oh yeah, and we we won't be fishing in the bay itself, (too small of a boat) but in the river and "mini-bay" that leads up to it.
  2. Looks like your right up the road from Parry Sound on GB. For walleye you can always use the worm harness with a bottom bouncer. For muskies I like to use Muskie Killer black/silver off points. For pike a favorite of mine is to troll the jointed Rapala or casting most inline spinner bait including the 1oz white spinner bait. It’s been very hot up that way lately so the fish may have gone deeper.

    These guys can tell you a lot about GB as some live on or nearby and fish it on a regular basis: http://www.newageangler.com/

    Good Luck. Have a great trip. It's beautiful country up that way.

  3. I am heading up a little further north than that I think the last week in June to the following place. First time up there for us so I don't have much advice yet but I'll try and post some info on the 2nd if that isn't too late for you.

  4. Yeah, off of 69 about 15 minutes north from the Shell station in Pointe au baril... The cottage is right on the Nascoot (spelling??) River. We do all of our fishing in the river, and where it opens up to the "mini bay" before it meets GB.

    Webman, Yeah.... Definitely give us an update on how you did, it won't be too late!

    Thanks for the info guys. Anyone else have any suggestions?