Headed to Hoover or buckeye after work

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  1. After seeing the recent catches I will be headed to Hoover or Buckeye after work Hoover if I finish early and then Buckeye on the way home.
  2. geeze,there goes the neighborhood:p

  3. Well I was in the neighborhood and there wasnt anyone else around so I guess they heard I was on my way and it emptied out thanks Puterdude. I was at buckeye for a lil over 1.5 hrs and landed 1, 18 inch s-eye. They are still eating shad the one I cought had 2, 3 inch shad in its belly and a minnow. Why he wanted a hushy jerk ontop of it all is amazeing (must of been the presentation) There was one other guy there fishing and he said it has been terribly slow there. So to those of you that are getting them in more then bunches of 1 keep at em and keep your spots.
  4. fished at hoover from shore for about 1.5 hours and caught 2 white bassand one largemouth. I had another huge largemouth that I got right up to shore, but actually snapped my ten pound test, I think he rubbed it on the rocks or something. All were caught on chart jig and minnow, go figure. I guess the fish are hungry. But hands in the minnow bucket suck in this cold. Walked up and down the creek area looking for places to fishat a later time.
  5. Made it to the bank of buckeye yesterday morning and managed one s-eye a throw back bvut did see a few others cought this time.
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    Hey Jeff, where did you find open water? I was at Northshore Saturday night and it was iced over. Went to Liebs and it is all iced over there as well. I did see where someone launched a boat and broke through the ice all the way out accross Liebs. Must've been a crazy duck hunter...or fisherman for that matter!
  7. was out there after 10 at the north shore and it was fishable
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    Thanks Jeff, went to Liebs this morning and it was iced over everywhere, may have to try it tonight.
  9. Buckeye has open water and i am headed there within the hour. Had 5 on last night but could only get the hooks set solid in one of them. Dead slow retrieve at best. Cranking it down then let it set before sweeping it a foot and letting it rest, rest period 5 to 30 seconds fish would come while it was resting. I carry 2 boxes of suspending baits (suspending thats funny) 1 box of them has a slow decent on the pause which usually doesnt do squat for me the other box is a slow rise or actually suspends those lures are priceless reguardless of color. Good luck and dress warm.
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    why is suspending funny?

    if any of your suspending baits are either rising or falling on the pause, they probably need to be tuned so they actually suspend. storm makes suspendots exactly for that purpose.
  11. Well I gave it one hell of a try tonight but couldnt buy a nudge let alone an honest to goodness bite.

    (sarcasm) (if i have to explain it, it more then likely isnt funny)
  12. Looks like Brooks Park is castable for now, I will tell ya how it went after a while.
  13. Brooks isnt fishable but Fairfield is no catching but i may try it again this evening
  14. I had two casting lanes at fairfield this evening I beame very good at casting in them and that is the extent of the report, other then the ice is closeing in.
  15. Can anyone tell me if Buckeye has open water or not??? Thinking about heading there around 4:30 PM. Just want to know if it worth my time to make the trip.
  16. sorry i didnt get to this earlier but it is spotty at best as of yesterday evening. The bite the last few days has been nonexistant so they have to eat soon is my thought.
  17. I made it up there Sunday evening and the lighthouse area was frozen. Has anything changed since Sunday evening?
  18. Anyone been at Buckeye lately. Any Eye's? Thanks
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    Although I haven't been there to verify the following statement. But I would think the chance for ice would be better than the chance for eye's at this point. But again, I haven't seen for myself.
  20. Thurasday night a few were cought but i bet it is all lockedup now. If the lil pond area is open the cat isherman should get in there and get those breeder shad out of there , They are so thick you can feel them bumping into your line on about every cast. Snagged so many it was comical