Head East and Join the crowds

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I can't fish like this, but these photos are within the past 2 weeks from up east.

    I don't quite see the point in this sort of trout fishing, but too each their own.



  2. Reminds me of the urine trofts at the old Browns stadium.

  3. ...lol... but let us know some facts.. that is PA, and they stock 900,000 steelhead in there 50 minute wide piece of state. The fishery is a joke, and overstocked
  4. pictures like this are exactly why i do not post fishing reports on the rivers i fish. or at least specific spots. and deter me from going to specific rivers.

    I know PA is a different story...... but i hate fishing in crowds. I hate It

    Did i say i hate fishing in crowds?

    I hate it! Let them all fish PA! fine with me. as long as ohio does not look like that in those ditches. Or at least consistantly.

    Again, I hate fishing crowds
  5. ParmaBass

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    That second picture is nuts, what's the point?
  6. BigDaddy300

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    If I had to fish like that I would give up the sport. That is why I do not go west in the spring for the walleye run.
  7. Here is Walnut Creek in PA over the weekend. Found these pics on a PA site.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Fish it in the dark....trout don't like lots of feet around them either.
  9. Dock Time

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    As a matter of fact, watching a lighted bober pop up and then disappear is really exciting.... Try it and you'll be hooked for sure.
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    i used to do it at the rocky, if your not using a lighted bobber. the would jump out of the water and then you would have to find which guy had 1 on his rod.
  11. OH yeh, That does remind one of the Maumee when the walleye are in. I'm with BigDaddy on this one! NO WAY!!!!!!!
  12. Fished Elk Creek, PA like that once. I'll never complain about the crowds on the Rock again.
  13. Looks like trout stocking day at Punderson! LOL!
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    Those Pa. guys are a trip!
    Last time I went to Pa(Elk & Walnut) it did seem like if you walked just a little distance from the parking lots, you'd lose the crowds quickly.
    Seems like the Pa. fisherman like to stay as close as they can to their cars...

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    It is kinda like ice fishing. you see an ice shanty out on the ice, for some reason you are drawn to that spot to setup right next to the guy. You think he must be catching fish if he is there....then the process repeats itself. Before you know it, you have Shantyville on the ice, nobody catching fish, and then questioning yourself why you plopped down next to the guy....haha..

    My post wasn't meant to start a war....I can see it in the future of this post......As soon as a PA guy reads this thread, he will blow up and tell the Ohio boys to stay home....or as he would say....it's the Ohio boys that are crowding the PA rivers......

    I feel fortunate that in a seasons time, where I go fishing on the rivers, I won't see the ammount of people in a years time as I do in that 1 picture. This is why some fisherman scout months ahead, so that they don't have to deal with crowds.

  16. lol.. I will stay home ,and I'll drive right through there state w/o spendin ga dime. O trust me they bash us freely on Fisherie all the time ....lol... Its all in good humor ...hey its raining!
  17. I'm just confused on "how" you fish like that. Do you just throw bait with a sinker? doesn't seem like you could drift anything because you have a human backback on.
  18. The One

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    I use to river fish like this in Washington Sate takes a bit getting used to. We called it combat fishing. Basically you wait for the guy downstream to cast then you cast above him and drift back down. When all 100 people are insync it a fabulous thing until you get a hook up and half to walk your fish down stream to fight. You have to manuever over under and around everyone else and then hope your fish doesn't wrap around the legs of someone and break you off as well. Also this is where anyone with braided line on gets cursed at because and mono that touches it usually results in a break off. Plus any braided line that's snagged and broken off in a hole usually results in a lot of lost gear. I have actually fished where someone was casting over my shoulder and I had to draw the line there.