Hazel Creek, Great Smoky Mountains?

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  1. Has anyone fished Hazel Creek? I will be camping there during the first weekend in April. Space is limited, and I would love to leave the waders/boots at home. Do I need them to fish Hazel Creek? How deep is the creek? I never do a lot of actual wading, but I do cross the steram quite a bit while fishing. I can take pretty cold water at knee depth, but when the water gets deeperÂ…..I will need waders.
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    I haven't fished there but I'd take the waders if I were you. That water is COLD that time of year.
    I went swimming in some of those creeks in March/April time frame. Abrams Falls comes to mind.

  3. my friend has fished it, its not big by stream standards up here. i'm sure like most of the creeks down there you can stay in less than knee deep water if you have good balance. i think its mostly a rainbow stream, but there are some deeper pools and nice fish. my buddy says all you need is an elk hair caddis, but that ealy i'd bring a few nymphs
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    Although I have never fished it yet but do take your waders! It will be cold in them hills just like here in WV cause not a lot of sun shines on it for long. Do take take your Elk hair caddis and emergers with you as you will find it probably be your best luck on them. This time of the year I will fish caddis pattern almost 95 percent of time all thru summer. It most abundunt flies and do take some large ants wooly worm patterns as you will be surprised what they will hit. Especially brookies since they need to eat to survive. You can check out another forum called Southeast flyfishing as there wiull be guys on there that fish it often. hope this helps. Another couple good patterns in early April will be BWO's and March Browns and Quill Gordon.
  5. The best info I have found on the web for any Smoky Mountain fishing is the message board at www.littleriveroutfitters.com

    Also...like everyone else has said...best bet is to take the waders IMO.

  6. :D i was looking around 7x's shop last night and found a pic of a brown caught out of hazel creek tn. only 32 inches! figured i'd pass that one on