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  1. Just when you think you've seen it all!
    My son and I were fishing at Portage Lakes yesterday at the Old State Park. We were catching a few gills and crappies, had a couple that were still flopping on the ice. All at once I hear something and a small hawk about takes me out! :eek: He's doing a dive bomb on the fish! He got so close I felt the wind off of his wings! I yelled when he went by me and he changed his mind about the fish about 18 inches off of the ice and flew off. That sure got my heart pumping! After all was said and done, it was a real neat experience to see one of God's awesome creations up close and personal!

    As for the fish report.... caught lots of smaller fish and brought enough home for supper... great day to be out! :D
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    That is pretty cool. We were fishing a pond last weekend and were thinning out small of the stunted gills. A hawk came down and got 4 of the fish that we were throwing on the banks.

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    Sunday I saw 4 black vultures circling over where i was fishing at Kiser Lake. I had a few perch on the ice, maybe they wanted to go after them. They got close enough i could hear their wings flap. (These are a different species than turkey vultures, or "buzzards" - you can Google that.) I'd never seen these before.
  4. At Buckeye lake in years past ive seen herons steal saugeyes from ice fishermen when they are looking the other way. Its hilarious!
  5. At IL when we have a heron around us we throw it the smaller gills and he leaves our fish alone.
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    i had a friend that was catching perch by the islands and throwing them on the ice outside his shanty , when done fishing he found that the seagulls ate most of his catch and went home practically empty handed.