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hawgfest misadventures

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    well,when fishing with misfit,many of you know it's bound to happen:rolleyes:
    you may not know what or when,but you just KNOW al's not gonna go as planned,LOL.
    the headboat trip was no different.
    while moving between spots,mrs. misfit asked me to replace her double hook drop shot rig with a spreader.
    after cutting the rig off and laying it on the seat between us(first mistake)leaving the 1 ounce sinker on(second mistake).
    apparently,the sinker rolled off the seat,pulling a hook into the back of sweetie's casting hand,between the index and middle finger.
    the sting of the hook caused her to jerk her hand up,thereby burying the barb deep into her hand,and burying the second hook in the side of MY hand with the sinker swinging new meaning to the term "bonding",eh" LOL.
    ok,i immediately jerk the hook back out of my hand in order to cut the line and sinker off her hand.
    we call on the first mate for surgical assistance due to the awkward position of the hook.
    while i get a good grip on my baby's hand,the mate pushes the hook out through the palm of her hand,cuts the barb off and backs the remainder out of the entry point.
    this episode reminded me of just one of the reasons i love my little redneck w. va. hillbilly.she's one tough cookie :)
    except for a slight grimmace,she never complained or made even the slightest wimper.instead,after surgery she sucked down a beer,tore the band-aid off,grabbed her rod and went right to fishing :D
    i think it hurt me and the first mate worse than it did her :eek:

    maybe now,you all know why she usually won't fish with me,LOL.

    ps................look for more complete reports on the rest of the hawgfest,soon.other than that incident and poor fishing,it was a great time.
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Why did I expect you to be the one who they said got the hook in the hand? I should have guest that! Again your name rings very loudly!

  3. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Rick, glad to hear Mrs. Misfit is doing better. I gotta' admit she handled it better than Mrs. SwollenGoat would have. After I heard she was wanting a beer, I was proud to be able to offer one from my cooler. Sorry if it wasn't her brand. If nothing else, I always try to be prepared in that regard. :D
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    thanks sean,and thanks for the beer.
    you're DA MAN :)
    cause she really appeciated that.and the brand didn't fact she thought it was pretty good.she was a bud light fan like me,till she recently switched to miller lite:rolleyes:
    she's not much on whiskey(except on her birthday,3 days before,LOL),but i think she'd have had a shot after that ordeal ;)
    if her and my partners would have listened,we'd have had our own,as we left about a dozen beers in the car :(
    she's feeling fine this morning(not even sore) and you can't even see the wounds.
    mine's not sore either,but more noticeable,since i ripped the barb out of my hand backwards ;)
  5. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Rick, after telling me about the crank you hooked in your fingers on one of your and Toad's erie adventures, it sounds like it's contagious! Glad she's ok and was able to stick it out.

    Our boat had our share of drama on tourney day. After drinking heavily 2 nights prior (sowbelly was on maybe an hour of sleep before the tourney) we launched as boat #28 in the contest amongst the 6 foot rollers like everyone else. Right as we left the river, I immediately start to get "that feeling", and did my best to stifle it hoping to ride it out. Knowing we did have the brass to make a 20 mile run to the sandbar in 6 footers, we decided to make a much shorter run and fish ruggles.

    By the time we get there, I'm fighting with everything I have not to chum all over Captnroger's boat. We set down and start putting our lines in. We get 5 of 6 lines in, and notice that in the surf we've already lost a planer board. In the process of retrieving the board, we end up with a line in the prop. Of course, we didn't know that until about 150 feet of line had been spooled around that. Captn kills the motor, trims it up so we can assess the damage. Absolute mess, and the only way we could use that motor again was to get that line off it.

    Sowbelly takes one for the team, strips down to his shorts, and jumps in the big pond with his PFD and 6 footers. The entire time he was in the water I was doing my best not to spew last nights dinner and 12 pack all over him...he didn't have anywhere to go or nothing to shield him if I let loose. 30 mins later, he finishes up removing the line, and climbs back in. I used that as my go ahead to let it fly, and boy did I. As soon as I get done chunkin, I look over at sowbelly and he's all cramped up from treading water in those big waves for so long.

    We made the decision to chaulk this one up to experience, and headed back in to call it a day. Never even got our 6th line in the water :D

    Complete fiasco, but we did make it back in one piece and had a great time at the pig roast!
  6. Hey you guys made for a couple of great stories anyways.;)

    It sounds like it was a rough day all around out there this weekend. So did anyone catch the eyes?
  7. I kept blaming the weather for me and Misfit for not going carp fishing. Now I know the lord must have been looking out for me. Just kidding Misfit. I am going to West By God Virginia this week, when I get back we will hit those carp.
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    :Dthanks for another laugh,brandon,LOL.that was even funnier than the "live" report you gave me saturday:D
    we had a kid on the headboat who didn't make it to the rail the second time,and the mate had to wash down the deck while we were fishing with our feet up on the side of the boat,LOL.
    i wish you guys would have had a camcorder ;)

    brian,i'll go out on a limb here,and say chances that the "straight guys for walleyes" didn't hurt the fish pops too much:D

    i know there's got to be more stories from others,so let's hear them guys.don't be shy,LOL.

    LOL was your lucky day.i'll try to refrain from anything to crazy on the creek.with some real good luck we could actually escape with minor mishaps,and even catch a fish.
    where ya headed in west by god?
  9. Rick, as soon as I seen "Mrs. Misfit" I started thinking no wonder she doesn't fish with him. I'm curious to know how bad did she beat you for this one when you got home? :D
  10. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    wasn't too bad,tony ;)
    i let the first mate do the surgery cause i figured she wouldn't hit him for hurting her,and would be cooled off a little,by the time we got home :D
  11. And I'm upset because I don't have cable and Time Warner Chanel 23 so I wont be seeing seeing this film at 11:00.
  12. Look in the "HAWGFEST ON TV" thread and there's a way to get it on WKYC TV 3 outta Cleveland. You gotta call and ask them to run it at 11PM!!!

    TV 3 News desk: 216-344-3300

    11PM producer is Dan Stadler

    Tell them you heard it was on the Akron news, but you didn't see it and would like to see it at 11PM.

    That's all I can do man...
  13. IT'S IN!!!

    I called the producer myself and he's going to run it on TV 3, headed into weather. It should run between 11:10 and 11:25 PM TONIGHT!!!

    So, keep your eyes peeled, as it's run time is about 15 seconds!!!!!

    That's 15 more seconds than we had last year!! BABY STEPS!!!! ;)
  14. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

  15. I was being sarcastic about not seeing this on TV. Its the first time I have been misunderstood this year..!..I was hoping to see the below described misadventure on TV, though I am quite certain a film crew was not on hand. It would make excellent viewing. I will be watching the news for the hawgfest spot..good job Carl. Must be nice to have a say in something.
  16. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Thats O.K. minnow, we'll give you some slack.;) :D
  17. Was the ride home like riding in a cage with a lion? You're lucky she didn't attack you in the car. You would have no where to go. At least at home you could try and escape to another room or outside.

    I would have liked to see the video of this "adventure" too. I would also like to know how many different ways and places she came up with to put the hooks in Rick. :eek:
  18. Unfortunately, Mrs. Misfit was the big entertainment on the boat.

    I was disappointed with our day, outside of being with OGF family. I think we would have done a better job if we had just stayed near Cranberry Creek (from what I hear).

    The hawg fest was great. Good food, good time!

    Thanks to all that organized the "adventure".

    Good to see old faces and meet new ones!

    Shari B
  19. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Shari, after a few years it was good to meet you. I would have liked to have had a chance to talk to more members but the fest itself requires a lot of my (our) time. Nice to meet and talk to the ones I got a chance to anyway.
  20. We are going to nominate her for sainthood.....St. Mrs. Misfit :D

    Glad to hear her hand feels better. The funny part about it...Misfit wanted to know if he could enter her into the "Biggest Fish" pool, since that was all he caught.... ;) ;) ;)