Hawg Fest Results

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  1. These should be a little easier to read. Shake can dress them up but these will do for now. http://wbsa.us/2007_hf_results.html

    We asked our camera persons to take a lot of pictures and boy did they. Around 500 at last count. Some are grainy, some are great but man what a lot of people. Maybe we ought to have a name that fisherman marathon when we finally get them up!

    There's been a lot of Thanks passed around and now I want to Thank all of you that fished this thing. You all listened in the Captains meeting well and 103 out of 104 boats were in line and the other was due to miscommunication. All flights left exactly on time and I'm not aware of any crowding during take off. Thank you all for cooperating with us and each other, and making this takeoff and weigh in rival any I've ever been involved in.

    I do think we've maxed this thing out though and we had lots of disappointed anglers this year that couldn't get in because of the early filling. I don't know what we'll do about that but if we can figure a way to grow it and to make it work efficiently we'll sure try.

    From WBSA, I say THANK YOU ALL! :)

    Marc Hudson, WBSA Pres.
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    Super Job to everyone.

    Here's a few from our eyes: