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    This is an e-mail sent out by Spooner last night. Just in case you did not receive it or are not the team captain

    Hawgfest Participant,

    Thank you for your recent Hawgfest registration. We are looking forward to another exciting event at our new location in Vermilion.

    You are receiving this email because you did not notify us that at least one member of your team could not make the captain’s meeting. As stated in your previous email, the cut-off for receiving a packet early because you could not attend the meeting was Sept. 12. Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that at least ONE member of your team be present at this meeting. For no shows at the meeting there will be a rules meeting held at the Red Clay restaurant after the last flight has been sent out in the morning, that they must attend. In addition to that they will be due back in with the first flight so their day will be substantially shorter.

    As this event has grown there has arisen the need to make some changes. The location is one such change and another is the addition of a Captains meeting the night prior to the event. This will be a mandatory meeting that at least one team member must attend on Friday Sept.21 at 7 PM at the VOL. This meeting will allow us to explain many new details, all of which will make tournament day go smoother. The only things that the attending team members will need to do or bring is a completed and signed entry form and sign up for the big fish pot if desired. At the meeting the team will receive all the information, details and procedures that will be imperative to make things run smoothly on Saturday.

    Paperwork and big fish pot can be taken care of at the VOL between 5:00 and 7:00 before the meeting. Some of our sponsors will also be there to demonstrate their product.

    As always emergencies and exceptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Call Matt Davis at 419-834-3619 or Marc Hudson at 419-680-4459 prior to the start of the captains meeting.

    Visit http://www.vermilionhawgfest.com/captmtg.html for all the details of the captains meeting.

    Thanks again for your support of this event and we look forward to making it the best we can.

    OGF and WBSA