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    Hawg Fest -2 week’s away reminders

    You have until September, 9 to withdrawal from the tourney to receive a refund of your entry fee.

    Any open spots will be filled on September 10. We currently have a full field of 105 boats. On the morning of Sept, 10 we will determine the number of open slots, IF ANY, and post the information in the Hawg Fest Forum, listing the number of open slots and provide the information required for registration. We will fill any available slots, IF ANY, on a first come, first serve basis.

    If you cannot attend the Captains meeting you must notify and have a COMPLETED registration form to us by September 10

    Captains Meeting - September 19

    5-7 PM – team sign in and paperwork completion

    6 PM – pizza and drinks

    7PM – meeting

    Bring a completed registration form signed by all team members

    Do not bring your boat to the VOL, limited parking

    If you need to add or change a team member it can be done at the Captains meeting

    Enter big fish pot, optional

    Directions to Vermilion on the Lake Club and the YMCA boat parking area

    The VOL is located on the East side of Vermilion
    Take Liberty Ave, East, from where it crosses the Vermilion River for 1.1 miles
    Turn left, North, on Berkley Rd.
    There is a Discount Drug Mart on the NW corner.
    Go .03 miles on Berkley and turn left on Aldrich
    This will be the 3rd left after turning onto Berkley
    The YMCA is on the corner of Aldrich and Berkley. This is to be used for vehicle and boat parking. There will be a shuttle to transport you to the VOL the day of the Tournament
    Go .North. 03 miles on Aldrich to dead-end.
    Turn right, east, at dead end onto Edgewater.
    Go .03 miles to VOL on left

    Boat parking the day of the Tournament only will be at the YMCA. A shuttle will be provided to the VOL

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    Reminder...if you are planning on withdrawing from the event with a refund, you have until midnight tonight to do so. Any withdrawls after midnight tonight, will not get their entry fee refunded!