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  1. I am going to ship a collector car and was wondering if anyone here knows of a reliable shipper to use. Does not have to be local to ohio and can be an open trailer. Going from North Carolina to Ohio. Thanks.

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    A few years ago I used Angels Transport "Angels Moving Auto's Inc" to haul a 71 F-250 from Oregon to Ohio. I priced several and they had the best price and schedule. They picked it up on time and delivered it on time. It was hauled on an open carrier and only problem I had was the driver semed like he was in a terrible hurry to leave. He off loaded, hurried me thru the papers, and split before I really got a chance to look it over. After he left I noticed that the running light lenses were gone. I climed in the bed to only find all kinds of broken amber plastic and looking at the roof I could see the finish was all scraped up by, probably, branches. Clearly he had driven under some low hanging branches at a truck stop or something. Sent photos to Angels and they took care of it no problems. No big deal.
    I would recommend you get a quote from them. Whoever you use, make sure that you inspect the vehicle well before the driver leaves.


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    Had a buddy use Angles as well last year to get an old VW bus from Cali. He said they were the cheapest he could find, and had no problems.
  4. sundayautotransport.com

    Can't address shipping rates, but a friend has used them to transport high-end collector cars & it is top-flight, professional service.