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  1. I bought some fishing lures from a buddy and found these foam frogs mixed in the bunch. I have been using them with my 6wt on ponds and they work DYNAMITE. There very light and cast good, Im thinking there on the older side cause I cant find anything like them. Looking for more to add to my bass fly collection or a good replacement, dont know how much more life is in them. Has anyone seen these before, or any ideas on replacements, any info would be great.Thanks.[​IMG]
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    Interesting! I think it be easy to make but getting something just like those legs would be problem though. I like the Joe Messinger frogs myself and they are worth every penny, just dont skimp on light tippet.

  3. I wonder how old they are. They came out with those rubber legs about seven years ago. I think Cabela's has them.
  4. I saw something like that a couple of years back, but cant remember where i saw them.
    Why couldn't you make a frog like that ? the way it looks in the pic, it looks home made, except for the legs.
    Have made some popers in the past out of 2'' blue insulation foam, and where pretty easy to make. The foam would work on that kind of body, very easly. And use some hackle for the legs.