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    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Sorry have not been posting my trips. They have been more or less the same. Been out allot. catch 4-6sm along with rock bass and a couple s-eyes or spotted bass. With the occasional 15-16inch sm and 20 fish day. Did get out to my cousins pond and got 9lm my dad got 4 and my friend got 5. All were 1-3pounds. Biggest was 19 1/2inches. I caught a freshwater Drum one night. Hooked into a Monster something on a twister tail at griggs but it broke off. I had no control, drag was screaming. Just a little update on how the last how ever long its been. Sorry seems like i have no time to post. Fall baseball, school, what ever else. I got some pics i will post tomorrow.