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    So since we're coming up on Halloween I thought I would start a thread to share any strange unexplainable experiences we have had. I figure with the amount of time some of us spend in the woods/on the lake/away from civilization at night there have to be some good stories!

    So lets here some unexplainable/weird anecdotes!

    I don't have anything too strange. I was catfishing at night on the north end of Hoover late last summer when I noticed a very bright 'star' almost directly above me. I thought it looked much brighter than any star should look so I kept watching it. After about two minutes it just blinked out. No more light. It didn't move at all, which almost makes it more strange to me. I have seen satellites before moving across the sky and this was much brighter and not moving.
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    Driving up I69 from Indy to Chicago near West Lafayette, 5 very bright lights in the sky running towards the Northeast. They were going out then coming back on intermittantly in no certain pattern. Too high to be towers and definitely not planes. They eventually went out and did not come back on.

    1972 in the station wagon with the family, dad driving, I look over and see my little sister sleeping with her head between the seat and door. Something tells me to reach over and pull her back and get her head out of there. I do it and BANG...broadsided and the door is crushed!!

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    my company sits on an old land fill, when we purchased the property about 22 years ago. there was this old man named perez who lived in a trailer between the old shop/garage and the site of our newly built plant. this guy had lived there for many, many years and came with the property for some reason never disclosed to us. i worked steady midnights when we first opened. perez was in very bad shape. he was confined to a wheelchair and had many open and very large seeping sores on his skin. he was a very humble and very nice guy. i or someone else from the shift would make it a point to visit him everynight and take him something from our lunch, just visit him. he only had the care giver come and visit, no family. we used to hear him EVERY night screaming out in agony from what i can only imagine was the pain from all the sores. when we go check on him he'd be in tears from cleaning out the sores and let me tell you there was always a stench in the air that i will never forget.. one night perez blew his brains all over the top of the trailer with a shotgun. i guess he couldnt take it any longer.

    so fast forward 15 years or so. i was still working midnights, up in the office sitting at my desk and i remember seeing a blackish kinda smokey image just float across the office that night about 10 feet away. i only saw it for few seconds but it was surely there and it scared the crap out of me. i was telling the accts payable lady what i saw and she said "oh, that just perez, i see him all the time":eek: her desk faces out the plate glass to right where perezs trailer used to be. i guess shes seen that same blackish smokey image too. i still get the heeby geebys sometime when im up there alone at night.

    ive also seen 2 UFO....i'll leave those storys for later.
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    About 25 years ago I was living in my grandparents old house, the house I'd grown up in, and was now my house.
    Alot of strange (unexplainable) things had always happened there and I never thought much of it, But the time I remember most was one afternoon when I was home alone and getting ready to leave for work (2nd shift).
    I was walking down the hall and glanced through an open bedroom door as I passed. I noticed a small child sitting on the floor of the room playing with some toy and he looked up and over at me. I had not stopped walking and it took a second to register what I had just seen. I stopped and turned around. As I walked back towards the room, thinking that there were not any childern in this house (what the Heck!) The bed room light snapped off only seconds before I looked back into the room. There was nothing there. I reached around the doorway and confirmed that the light switch was in the down possition. Afternoon sunlight was comming in the window and the room looked untouched and peacefull. I turned and continued down the hall, after about 5 or 6 steps I heard the light switch snap back on. I turned around just in time to hear the switch snap off one more time and see the light comming from the room go out! Time to leave for work, No turning around, no looking back.
    As I was backing out of the driveway feeling kinda weird about things, I glanced back at the house and saw the curtain from that same bedroom as it was being pulled back and then released. I left a small patch of rubber on the street infront of our house and felt pretty good about having to go to work that day. It's one I won't ever forget.
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  6. They each left that part of the story out.:D
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    Now that's a scary thought!:p
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    Holy crap! You win, that's scarier than any dang ghost story!
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    I am fairly skeptical by nature, so did not think much of lights flickering, creaking and squeeking in the 90 year old house we live in. But there are 2 things that really stood up the hair on my neck... One pretty simple to explain, the other still kind of creepy to me.

    1) We have old brass spring loaded weather stripping around front door with a little piece snipped out where deadbolt goes into the jam. When wind blows just right, it vibrates like a reed on a wind instrument and lets out a very loud howling sound that runs through the entire house. The vibrations carry into the walls so first few times it happened, we could not locate where it came from. Still scares the crap out of visitors when it happens!

    2) House was in need of much updating when we moved in and we have done all the work ourselves. Virtually every time we would start a project, lights would flicker that evening. Once we finished project the flickering would dissappear. About two years after we had moved in, I totally gutted the downstairs bathroom. After completing the demo, went out next morning to get the paper and on the ground in the front yard was a cancelled check. Picked it up to take a closer look and......... Check was from previous owner, was dated 1964, was made to a local hardware store that no longer exists and in the memo line it said "material for downstairs bathroom". A 41 year old cancelled check from the last time this bathroom was remodeled, appears in my front yard in perfect condition, on the same day I start a remodel on the same bathroom. I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this, but I sure don't know what it is.:confused:
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    When I'm not out hunting ski's with teamplaker (Jay), I'm the tech manager for a ghost hunting group here in Cincinnati, Ohio Paranormal Exploration Society www.opes2007.com I've been doing this for 7 years and make some of my own equipment and modify other stuff to help with the investigations
  12. not scary or supernatural but...
    I've always believed that children are smarter than anybody ever gives them credit for - even at 3 months.
    We have a 7yr old daughter, at age 6 mos, we moved from California to Ohio (no jokes please). fast forward 2 years and my then 2yr old daughter asks when we are going home - she was at our home in Ohio when she asked.
    It doesn't seem plausible that she could remember our CA house, but maybe she did.
  13. I dont belive in this sort of thing till a few years ago. I think it follows my best friend.

    The last 2 houses hes lived in have been haunted. The first house I woudnt go into. Things would move by themselfs-dishes candles chairs and doors, foot steps into the night and things would levitate on the fire place banister-picutes and dolls. Every once in a while something would go flying across the room.

    ON the second house it was the garage. Once night we were playing darts. After I won a game a radio in the corner turned on and played music for 5-10seconds. After it stopped I walked up to the radio to look at it. No batteries and it wasnt plugged in. I dropped it and ran like the wind.

    The next night we were playing darts again. After a game was finished a bunch of dolls in a bag began to talk. We walked up to the bag and took em out thinking they were battery operated, wrong they were the pull string type. Two hours later we found an old Ouiji board in the frontyard.
  14. In 1976 I worked for a local college in the Alumni office.
    This was an old house I would say built in the late 1800's.
    Remodeled into office spaces. I was in the back room which at
    on time was a kitchen, typing on an old magcard machine. I would type in the alumni's address, then hit one key and the magcard would type the body of the letter. As soon as I hit the key for the auto typing to start, I heard a gasp from over my left shoulder very near to my ear. I quickly turned to see who
    was watching me and there was no one there. I ran into the next office and
    asked if someone had just come through before me. None of my fellow employees saw anyone.
    I thought this was fascinating and cool. I kinda wished she would have come back.

    Another time a few years ago. My younger brother was in intensive care, as I was getting ready for work and combing my hair in the bathroom mirror, off to
    my right I saw a tall dark figure go from right to left past the door. It was like a man in a black hooded robe that went to his feet. I took two steps out into the hall and saw nothing unusual. The next morning at the very same time as I
    was doing the very same thing, I saw the black figure again. Later that
    morning I heard that my brother almost died. But that the doctors were able
    to save him. He is just fine now. I don't know if it had anything to do with
    my brother or not. But I never saw the figure again.

    That's the only experiences I have had.

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    Extremely interesting. WOW!
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    yea, I checked out your site. cool stuff.
  17. Steven King should make a movie on that:p ;)
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  19. I had eaten keilbasa, hot peppers, cabbage, and 5 bean soup before walleye fishing the Maumee. The stench from my waders haunted me all afternoon:p