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Haulin a canoe...?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Ranger4x4, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. I've been considering a canoe since spring, as I really don't have any room for a trailered boat right now. I'm just wondering though, how do u guys haul ur canoes? I'd like to get one around 14', and my pickup bed is only 6' or about 8' with the tailgate down. I know I could strap it in there so that it wouldn't slide anywhere, the real question is would I have to worry about getting a traffic citation for hauling one in such a way. If the pickup bed is out of the question, I could probably convince the gf to let me haul it on top her Taurus. Do they make mounts for cars to haul them on top or does everyone just bungee cord them. Thanks for any help
  2. I think as long as you have a red flag on the back you should be fine, I think anything that sticks out over 3 feet needs to be flagged. I have a Ranger with a cap on the back so I just toss mine up there upside done and use rachet staps to tie it down. They make car top carriers that mount to the top of the car or you can just get a few pieces of foam to put on top of your car and then turn the canoe upside down on them and strap it down. I used to carry mine on a Ford Escort when my truck was broke down. Its pretty easy to transport a canoe.

  3. Good, a canoe would be perfect for me right now, I could build something to hang it in the garage so I'd still have room to park my truck in there. What I was really looking for was an old worn out bass boat that I could buy cheap and then fix up over the coming fall/winter in my garage, but for now I'll save for a canoe. Thanks, I'll post a pic when/if I get one.
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    you could also build you an insert out of welded steel that would drop in your last 2 bed holes by your tailgate. Make it as high as the hood of the truck then set the canoe on the hood use cushioning and on your new support and strap down seen this alot.
  5. It sounds like a good idea, though I cringe at the thought of anything touching the paint on my truck. As of right now, I'm undecided. I like the 33 lb pack canoe offered by Old Town, but I want something to night fish on lakes and reservoirs. I'm also looking at an older bass boat to restore in the garage thru winter but not sure if I even want a bass boat after all. I will probably settle for about a 12' aluminum v-hull. My dad has a 4 hp mercury OB that needs work, if I could find a good repair book I'd probably be able to fix it and use it. I've yet to learn to back a trailer though so I have a way to go I guess hehe.
  6. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    There is a guy in Mt vernon that has a small 12' v bottom with trailer and trolling motor you could probably get for 200 or 250 do a little clean up and have a decent boat. think number is 392-4240
  7. Ranger 4X4,

    Along the same lines as Fish4Fun, I built a modified sawhorse that I could put at the back of my bed. It's the height of the cab and I secure it with a tie down and strap the other end of the canoe to the cab with half a car topper kit. I had the kit because I used to strap the canoe to a little Corrolla.

    As for citations... I have passed police, deputy sheriffs, and highway patrol men and I have not been stopped. The positioning of the canoe is such that it extends less than a foot from the rear bumper.

    The system has proven to be stable thus far, and I have taken it out on the highway for two hours at a time.

    If you are interested I can try and aquire some pictures for ideas.
  8. I have a 15 ft canoe that I have hauled in the back of my 8 ft bed truck for over 20 yrs and have never been stoped.I just tye it to the front of the bed & go.Stop & talk to your local police & see what they have to say about it.
  9. I have a 14'7 OldTown. I strap it on the top of my Taurus :cool: