Hats off to all of the volunteers!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Grumpy, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Grumpy

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    Many thanks to Rick (Misfit), Brian (XRacer) and his wife Linda and Mitch (Newbreedfishing) and his friend for their efforts on behalf of the pediatric cancer survivors picnic this afternoon (Sun)

    Mitch, along with the State of Ohio DNR provided the rod/reel combos and some great gifts that were given out to the kids. Gander Mtn., Reynoldsburg, provided the bait and two great rod/reel/tackle combos that were give away at a drawing.

    Although the fishing was less than spectacular all three fishing stations were kept busy throughout the afternoon. The feedback I got from both parents and a number of the kids was excellent. Each of the volunteers took the time to help the kids and answer questions. Believe me they appreciated it.

    Again, my thanks to all of you for your efforts. I know it was a long afternoon but your time and efforts were noticed, and appreciated, by parents and children alike.
  2. misfit

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    no thanks needed.it was my pleasure.just watching those kids having fun was my reward:)
    was nice to meet brian and linda.good to see mitch,but i forgot to collect the ransom for that tackle box i rescued from fishslim:D
    and seeing your little buddy sully again was a treat.as well as finally meeting your fine family:)
    i might need that power scooter to get me around next year,but hope i can do it again.:D

    ps..............almost forgot.thanks to the ladies for waiting on me.that was much appreciated:)

  3. Wayne Linda and I would like to thank you for including us. It was great to meet you and your family. It was also nice to put a couple faces with a couple OGF members nice to meet Rick and Mitch. I cant take credit for the rod and reel combos Mitch brought those. Brian
  4. Grumpy

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    My mistake. And thank you for pointing it out. I was beat when I started this thread. It was, in fact, Mitch who provided the rods/reels. My apologies to Mitch for the error. The correction has been made. :)
  5. NewbreedFishing

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    I was happy to help those kids out and so suprised at how large this event was. Great food and a great facility. I would do it anytime.
  6. Hey ol` Grumpy one,

    Very happy to hear the outing with the kids went
    so very well. I`m sure the kids enjoyed every thing,
    and may have started some fishing careers. :)

    Even with misfit along it was due to be a success.
    No mis-adventures is a gift from above.:p

    Capt Hook
  7. Grumpy

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    Well Capt., when you get Misfit helping kids he becomes a big ol softy. Well organized and the kids take to him easily.