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hatch chart

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by cbhutch, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. anyone know where i can find a hatch chart for the clearfork online?
  2. Let me look ... Hold on there used to be one ... a long time ago!

  3. its gone but used to be out there...
  4. a guy named ranger bob used to have a site all about the clearfork, but something happened to it recently and it's not there anymore. oh well. anyone know where i can find a hatch chart for the clearfork anywhere? and thanks 007!
  5. I have not been to the clear fork since May. But I've been doing some work on the Huron and Vermilion Rivers. They have been loaded with Stenacron interpuntatum (Light Cahills) and Baetis spp. (Blue Wing Olives). As caddis goes Chimmara spp. and Hydropsychidae. I'm not sure on common names here but I think little black sedge and cinammon caddis as adults. I guessing that the Clear Fork should have the same mayfly and caddisfly populations during this time of year.
  6. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

  7. i'm using a new name, I was weaz43.
    Heres what I found in the Huron and Vermilion since May. Soon as the rivers thaw in the spring I will look for early season bugs. In August I learned better collecting methods. So from August on, have better results. I dont have keys down to species level for all.

    Mature Mayflies nymphs Genus, (I dont think species matter much to fish. Most nymphs of different species of same genus look similar. )
    May - Aug- Ephemera simulans (Brown Drake) Stenonema spp. (March Brown group), Stenacron interpuntatum (Light Cahill), Leucrocuta (Little Evening Sulphur), Caenis (Tiny white curse)
    May Ephemerella (Hendersion or Sulphur)
    June July Isonychia bicolor (Mahohnay)
    July Aug Sept Tricocorythodes (Trico), Baetis spp. (Blue Wing Olives)
    Sept Anthopotamus verticis (Cream Variant)

    Stoneflies this is when i found them, some may/probably are in river most of year, 2 year life cycle)
    May Agnetina (Yellow Stone)
    June - Aug Neoperla (Little Yellow Stone)
    Aug-Sept Acroneuria (Golden Stone)

    Mature Caddis larva
    May - Sept Family Hydropsychidae (Cinammon Caddis) (i found 3 genus, but they look same to naked eye)
    June- Sept Chimarra (little black sedge)
    July-Aug Helicopsyche (Speckled peter caddis)
    October I found a large, empty portable case. Probably from the Family Limnephilidae, which the Great Autumn Sedge belongs to.
    Younger caddis of the above are in the rivers right now, but they are small.

    August on- Atherix (Snipe Fly), Tipulidae (Crane Fly), Tabanidae (Deer and Horse Fly)
    All year Chironomidae (Midges)

    May on- Sialis (Alderfly), Corydalus (Hellgrammites/Dobsonfly)

    I have beetles, dragonfly, damselfly, and Hemipterans if anybody want to know them.

  8. Hey Stonefly71 that link is for the Mohican Fly Fishers, a good club that meets in the Mansfield area. I belive there is (or was) a hatch chart some where on their website.

    The Clear Forck TU chapter site is here: