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Has this ever happened to you?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by archman, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. I had some maggots from the spring sitting inside my refrigerator, in a small compartment. I hadn't looked in there since about mid-April. Usually when maggots sit in there for awhile, they turn black and die. Well, I knew I had some wax worms in the same compartment, so I open it up. Inside the maggot container, there are about 20 black flies buzzing and trying to get out. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. How did this happen, and the maggots just didnt' die like usual? Sorry, I guess I should have paid more attention in biology class.
  2. jfout

    jfout 25 lber, I'm gloating

    Maggots are fly larvae, so they turned to flies.

  3. I knew maggots turned into flies, but I never saw them do it in my refigerator. They always died and turned hard and black. I guess when I said how did it happen, I meant why did it happen this time and not the other 50 times I had maggots in there for awhile.
  4. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    im not sure but i think when they turn hard and black they arent really dead, just making the transformation.

    pretty cool, huh?

    sometimes they fly away and sometimes they cant. ive had that happen a few times.
  5. bill_gfish

    bill_gfish Well, Gee Whiz!

    brother had that happen in his tackle box with wax worms only they turned into moths.
    mom nature rules.
  6. jwg299

    jwg299 jusluv2fish

    wax worms are bee larve and maggots are fly larve. the black state you are talking about is actually their cocoon state which takes about a week or two in a fridge for them to hatch due to the cool temp.