Has this ever happened to you?

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  1. I was out bow hunting the other evening about an hour before darki had a descent buck come down the hill and stop in the field i grabbed my range finder,he was fourty yrds,i thought about shooting him but he wasnt big enought so i was watching him for about a minute then he took a steep and fell over dead...i think my mouth about hit my tree stand,so at dark i got down and some one had shoot him but when i seen him he didnt look like he had been shot.the guy who shoot him finaly showed to look for him at about 8:30pm so i told him where it was ,not a bad 10 point about a 15 inch spread but to small for me to shoot.i just thougth that was very strange because when he fell i was looking around thinking what in the world just happened???
  2. That is great, you were such a good hunter the deer just gave up LOL

  3. the guys i was hunting with didnt beleive me so i had to show them then said i scared it to death.
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    My cousin owns about 10acres of woods and the guy next to him owns about the same. My cousin who doesn't get out much decides last minute to go out one morning and gets in his ladder stand thats been there for years. Unknown to him the neighbor has set about 50 yds away as they are close to the property line. Shortly after light a small 8pt comes in and as my cousin is coming to full draw on what would have been about a 25yd shot the other guy drills him from the other side. To make matters worse the deer ran toward my cousin and died almost right under his tree. Being the good guy my cousin is he helped the guy drag it to his house. Apparently neither knew the other was there and the neighbor hadn't lived/hunted there long so he didn't know my cousin was set up there. As a side note the deer was standing on my cousins property when shot.
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    Years ago my brother in law shot a doe that was standing in some trees. He said she never flinched, went down or moved one bit. He slowly started sneaking up on it and when he got there he found that it was dead, already shot and had died leaning up against a tree. Although, I suppose its possible some moron found it and leaned it up there.
  6. Great stories...I've never seen a deer fall over dead from being shot by someone else, but I have seen them shot running through our property. Our neighbors don't know how to aim, so they just point and shoot. I'd say in the last 15 years, I've see a half a dozen deer shot through the back hams running through our property. It makes you sick to see because you know the deer is going to run a long way and lay down to die and never get found.
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    When I used to bow hunt 10-15 years ago I was down at Saltfork stalking a deer trail through a valley in the primitive weapons area during October. I was moving very slow through the brush and looked down to see a film case with the lid off lying on the ground.
    I picked it up and saw it was stuffed with cotton. As I smelled it (it had vanilla extract in it) I hear a loud voice saying "that's mine".
    It scared the crap out of me.
    There was a guy about 20' above me in the tree I was standing under. The guy watched me for about 45 minutes as I walked along that deer trail.
    He probably wasn't too happy with me but if I was a deer I would have been a goner.
  8. I had a guy walk under my stand down on Ohio Power property. I set a stand way back in there, well away from any road. I was only about 12' off the ground...and wearing an orange vest! He never saw me, but I seen him coming along the trail towards me for at least 75 yards. I waited until he was bit past me and that his shotgun was pointed away from both him and me before I said anything. Scared the doo-doo out of him!

    Four hours later, he came through the area again, but along a different trail. Again, he didn't see me. This time he admitted to not knowing where he was going.
  9. I had a buddy last year that shot a doe, He watched the doe run 50 yds, drop over, and lay there for the next 45 mintues not moving. He got out of his stand and as he got about 10yds from the doe, it jumped up, ran into the river and promptly sank. My buddy shoots 3d regularly and can deffinitly shoot his bow. He had no explanation as to how this deer laid there for 45 minutes looking dead only to get up and run off.