Has anyone sold a home on NextHome.com?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bigwalleye, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. I posted this question in a previous thread with the subject For Sale by Owner, but perhaps that wasn't the best place for it.

    Has anyone used NextHome.com to sell a home? We're considering using their services since it's possible to list/sell your home for $995 plus closing costs (when the buyer is not represented by another realtor). Else, the shared commission is 4% when the buyer is represented by an agent.

    Would just like to hear from someone who has actually used their services or compared their services to another realtors.

  2. why use a do it your self company [like next home and others ] when you can neogiate the comm amount with a full service company .from 5% to 8% . with you do the work they get paid .I see no advantage.

  3. i just checked out there website and they have very limited search results
  4. Agreed, the website search capability is not the best. I find Howard Hanna to be better. As long as you have an MLS, your home can be found by any site.
    As far as commissions go, the max is 4% with no negotiating. For $995 I get an MLS (multiple listing service) with the opp for any agent to show it to their client. If a buyer without an agent finds it on any website, I can negotiate with them while a NextHome seller's agent handles the contract for us.
    I guess I prefer trying NextHome than a lesser known or more obscure realty company in this area. I'd prefer to sell by owner but don't think I have the luxury in this market.