Has Anyone Ever Added A Bimini Top To Their Boat Before?

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    after cooking in the sun at erie for quite a few hours. im thinking about adding a bimini top to my 16 ft aluminum boat. has anyone done this before and how hard was it to install and where did you get it? thanks for any info
  2. you can do it . B/P or cablas sells them look in the book I think it even tells you how to measure . your not leting a little sun stop you from fishing are you????? lol jim p/s try a real late troll on a clear night the lakes a beauty.

  3. Num1fire Go for it i put one on my 16 footer years ago still have it got it a Cabelas. It is easy to do mine folds down to th back of the boat,good for no sun and rain you wont be sorry.It is always there if you need it.sure has saved me a few times,plus you can fish in some pretty wet stuff. Tight lines Fishguy
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    just out 1 on this summer. if i knew how much cooler sitting under it was ,i would have had put one on long ago. was out today from 6 am till 5 pm. when the noreasters picked up ,it almost got chili under the bimini.


    lol jim a little sun stop me from fishing, now thats funny. if it wasnt for the sun burn after words i would go from 6 am to dark if i could. thanks for the input. im off to get me a top... what size top did you guys put on your boats? thanks


    lol even with sunblock it is still dang hot out.
  7. A bimini is the way to go. The sun will wipe you out. Put the bimini up, and good for at least three more days.
  8. is not hard. watch for sales. i got a discontinued model at boaters worldin north olmsted for 1/2 price this spring 6' long 72"wide, taylor cover and frame $139 out the door
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    I put one on my 17' aluminum boat. It was easy to do and makes a big difference out in the sun.

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    I ordered mine from iboats - and got free shipping - made a sweet deal. There's a bimini calculator on the site that helps you measure the correct size for your boat. I ordered mine and ten days later it was on my doorstep - install was a piece of cake. Six screws and it's on... instructions are simple. I am looking into getting the back support bracket so we can keep the frame upright permanently instead of laying it into the boat.

    I chose the sunbrella material and am really happy with the quality - and it came with a storage boot. I ahve heard that the sharkskin was also a good option. I shopped around and got the best price there at $340 for a 6' by 56" bimini. You may only need a 4' on your boat - I'm sure you could get away with a top for under $250.

    You can take a look at the iboats forum for the bimini topic - there's a lot of information/threads there on mounting and options - you can also mount it on the inside of the gunnel on a fixed or slide mount. They have photos in some of the threads as well. The slide mount channel lets you move the entire top forward or backward on the gunnel - depending on where you prefer the shade. For the size of your boat - that may be a great option so you can still have space at the back of the boat to cast and net. Just make sure YOU measure the height from the top of the gunnel for your height - there's nothing worse that hitting your head on the bimini.

    You won't regret getting a top for one second - it's worth every penny. Good luck!