Has anyone else ever done this????

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  1. So today (Sunday) we get back from our camper at Salt Fork and decide to all go out in the boat for a nice Sunday ride. We pile in the truck and head for Portage Lakes...........well, being the brilliant person I am, about 20min into our trip I realize I've forgotten something.


    Yeah, that's right. I was wondering why we were sitting so low in the water......I just thought it was that extra helping I had at breakfast. Wrong.

    So.......I pull up to a dock, lean way over and finally get it in. Well, by now the bilge discharge outlet is covered - but she's pumpin for all she's worth! My compartments in the rear were pretty well flooded too.........oh yeah and by this time there was about 3" in the bottom of the boat.

    No biggie - right?? I mean it's indoor/outdoor carpet - it's a nice sunny day out......should be no problem, right??

    Wrong again. The $500 digital camera is sitting - scratch that - FLOATING in the bottom of the boat near my seat. DUH! Forgot I put that there when my son wanted to sit between my wife and I as were were motoring around.

    OH CRAP. Not only is the wife MEGA-PIZZED.........but I think it's pretty much ruined. I've got to let it dry out some and see if that extended warranty I got with it from Best Buy was worth the money..........hopefully when I take it back no lake water will leak out onto the counter.

    Wish me luck with that one!

    So anyhow - my wife is super pizzed - keeps telling my how I don't "deserve" a new boat if I can't take care of the one I've got now! Would someone PLEASE let her know this is a common thing - for someone to forget to put the plug in???

    I mean usually I catch it as we're backing down the ramp - this honestly is the first time I've actually been OUT on the lake for awhile and realize it isn't in!

    Could've been worse I guess........we coulda sunk!

    Thanks for letting me vent.............
  2. Fish4Fun

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    I never remove my plug. Last trip of the year before i put it up i pull it on the way home. I just don't see the need to pull the plug each trip if you have a bilge pump. I turn my bilge on as i am coming up the ramp and it gets everything out.

    Tell here you need a new boat with water tight compartments so the new camera doesn't get ruined.

    It does happen my last boat was a small v bottom with no bilge and i forgot the plug once and lo and behold it was the day the wife was with me i blamed it on her. LOL

  3. misfit

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    tell the wife to make you one of these.after my recent episode,i thought it could come in handy in the future:D

  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    that picture kills me man you wear that every trip now Rick.:D :D
  5. HAHA! That plug around your neck is hilarious! HAHA!

    I usually leave the plug under my seat and normally "never" forget it.........

    Well, today was "free boat inspection" day at Portage Lakes........sheesh. After going through that I was pretty frazzled. Here I thought my boat had everything and I was safe - Wrong again. I "failed" but that only meant I couldn't get a sticker today saying I passed. I guess if you ever get stopped by the Wardens and you have this sticker - they know they don't have to safety check you.

    Just a couple of stupid things - no whistle (kid took it off my key chain), no flag (used this to haul lumber one day, forgot to put it back) and didn't have my batteries "properly" tied down............

    sheesh. On a positive note - at least my wife was with me so now when I tell her I need stuff for the boat she'll believe me!!
  6. Fish4Fun

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    i got dinged on one little thing at the portage inspection cpl weeks back that i never thought of. Passed everything and thought i was good then he asked to see my battery and i didn't have a cover over the positive terminal. So i had to get me one of the rubber covers for it. Never thought of that i mean its good to have it covered since its by the fuel tank and something hits it sparks and boom.
  7. misfit

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    jerry,i now have 3 plugs in the boat.and 4 when toad is with me.after that experience he went out and bought one to keep in his tacklebox,so he he always has me covered when we're together:D
    my spare was in the compartment under the seat,but couldn't get to it cause i was too occupied trying to get planed out to suck out the water,LOL.
  8. Toxic

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    I did it once during duck season. Luckily we found out before we launched the boat. I found a sticker a long time ago that was from either the Coast Guard or Div. of Watercraft. It says "IS THE PLUG IN". I put it on the trailer tongue and I never had the problem again. I had to make a sticker with our labeling machine for my Erie boat. I forgot to put down the antenna and a tree reminded me very shortly. It made a nice cracking sound (sounded like money going down the drain).
  9. fishinrudy

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    If you can't get the store to take the camera back, there is one last option before pitching it. Make sure to never try to turn it on once its been in the drink until you do the following:

    Take the batteries out.

    Start looking for every screw in the case and remove them. Now crack the case open and leave everything out to dry for a couple of days,may even use some compressed air to reach hard to reach areas. If you can; make sure to separate the LCD from the board, It helps to have a backup camera to take pictures of the camera at the various stages of disassembly, in case you don't remember how it came apart. Then put it all back together minus those couple of extra screws and pieces that the factory always seem to hide in everything(you know those ones that are left over when you rebuild anything...LOL). Turn it on and hold your breath. I have saved more than one piece of electronics using this method. Just remember to never do the instinctual thing and try and turn it on. Once you pass current over those water shorted parts, its usually,not always, history.
  10. Ruminator

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    I've forgotten the plug twice. Its very easy to get distracted at the ramp and forget to check it especially if you don't often pull it out. My boat tarp leaked and I pulled it to drain the rain water both times.

    I try to remember to check it at home while hitching up the boat now. Make it a part of your equipment checkoff list before leaving home.

    Its much easier to remember at home under less stress, than at the ramp with its elevated stress level.
  11. toad

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    Last thing I do after rigging and before launching is do a PMS check... no not to see if the wife is around. Plug, Motor, Straps. So far I have never forgot the plug but have caught the plug out on the final PMS check.
  12. Lewzer

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    I have forgotten the plug too many times to remember. I did it the very first time I had the brand new boat out. Stuff happens. Too bad about the camera.
    Misfit, you still crack me up. I think I need one of those necklaces. I also have about 2 or 3 spare plugs in the boat too.
  13. creekcrawler

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    I've never done it, but my Dad's bud went to W. Branch for a weekend.
    Launched his boat, motored over to the campground, got up the next morning
    and the boat was resting on the bottom! Lucky for him he beached it on the shallows the night before.

    I did drive out to Ladue once - first spring day out and pumped.
    Loaded the kayak up, rod holder, depth finder, anchor, rods......
    Paddle????? I had to load back up, drive home and get my friggin paddle!
  14. vkutsch

    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    Me and my brother took my dad's boat out on a lake in Colorado. I parked the trailer and he motored the boat away from the ramp (busy day). Walking back from the parking lot, I could hear my dad's voice "DON"T FORGET THE PLUG." Oh crap! I sprint down to the water to find the boat stalled 20 - 30 yards away from the dock and sitting LOW. Doesn't help that Jeff is around 300 lbs, along with my wife and 2 kids. They were mighty surprised to see charge off the end of the pier and swim out and under the boat.

    Amazing how much water got in there in a short amount of time. Had the bilge pump going for 30-40 minutes, and still had to drain for a while after we pulled it out.
  15. I keep a spare on the boats key ring.

    As for that digital camera. Pull the batteries and check to see if there is a label there that says "water security label" or something similiar to this. I'm not sure how new your camera is but they started putting these labels on electronics that turn to a different color if they have ever been dropped in water. Especially cell phones.
  16. Never the plug as like some of the others I keep about a half dozen in the boat (leave them in the livewell for safe keeping). But, I did make nearly a 2 hour drive to fish this year and realized when getting the boat ready to launch I had left my Lowrance unit behind:p Actually ironically (or not) it is the only skunking I've had this season - at least I had an excuse:D
  17. I always keep the plug laying on the back of the boat. The boat is kept in the garage. When I'm going around to make sure I don't have a bunch of stuff in or on the boat that doesn't need to go to the lake, it's right there in plain site. Always install it before pulling the boat out. Makes it hard to forget the plug unless it falls out on the way to the lake. If that happens, stupid me for not tightening it!
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