harts mouth hurt the wolverines!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by jeffmo, Nov 17, 2007.

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    the one point of the game that gave me great joy was that hart,his mouth and his ego got shut down!:)
    he was trash talking before the game began and during the game.all he accomplished was to get the ohio state defense fired up.
    he isn't 1/2 the player he thinks he is!
    the good part is that exon will let him manage one of their gas stations where ever he wants to next year.:)
  2. Congratulations to Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Jake Long for forgoing the NFL draft to come back and lose to Ohio St. again! Great decision!

    Hart...44 yards rushing...OUCH!
    Michigan...91 yards of total offense...OUCH!

    I love it and LOVE TO BEAT MICHIGAN!

    Would someone please give Lloyd (John Cooper) Carr a lifetime contract...he is terrible!

  3. Couldnt agree more:D
  4. Mike Hart was a great back in his four years at UM, but I gotta agree.

    He ran his mouth too much for my taste, especially given OSU's recent sucess.

    Can't imagine him having much of an NFL career, but I am sure he will get a look.

    From a UM fan Mike Hart just SHUT UP!

    Henne/Long were solid players for all four years and represented themselves well.
  5. Had to bring this one back up -

    after Hart's stellar performance at the combine where he didn't place in the top 10 running backs in any of the seven drills, how does Hart see himself?

    He was quoted saying he is the best running back in the draft:confused:

    I knew he wasn't fast, but he barely out ran Gohlston and several other linemen with that blistering high 4.6 speed:D Combine his lack of NFL skills with his mouth and attitude and somebody will be taking a risk drafting him. I'd say he'll get a shot late in the draft and won't see the field on Sunday - maybe arena FB or Canadian league will pick him up.
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    I see him in teh 4th-6th round range
  7. Seeing this about Hart just reminds me of something....it just seems to me that, over many years, VERY FEW highly touted Michigan running backs seem to do much at all in the pros. Their college success seems like it has been due to some outstanding O-line play. I would look at his combine numbers & history as 2 strikes against him for sure.