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Harrison Lake

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by meadmeister, May 3, 2004.

  1. anybody fishing Harrison or the delta or swanton res?
  2. i was wondering the same thing. i might make it out to harrison next week. from my experience swanton and delta aren't worth your time unless you are going for carp in delta number 1 and crappielooker was out there every day for three weeks chumming the crap out of

  3. I have fished this lake several times with no luck from my boat. I spent 3 days there last yr camping with the wife and 2 sons and caught jack !@#$. I take that back the wife caught a 3inch catfish and I got one crappie at a waping 5inches took all the drag out of my rod a real ball buster. Try the Bay or Evergreen or the marinas up off of Rt 2 or Coudoroy Rd.
  4. i went out there twice last year, i got some decent crappie but nothing crazy. i did get one 13 1/2 inch there. There were some kids fishing next to me with shiners and doing a lot better. their basket was full of crappie and gills so i have seen it produce. i got one nice bass last year too. I usually just go because its a good lake for my kayak, not for the fish. i don't like fishing the upground ones just because the scenery is terrible and its same wherever you go. i'm sure a good day fishing one would change my mind though.
  5. thanks all. was thinking of evergreen. walked last summer but never went out. though I saw plenty of fish off the point by the restroom and horsetrail area. got skunked on the ice at upper delta the end of march and had been getting some in Irish hills the day before.