Harrison Lake State Park

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  1. I'll be staying at the park for a few days next week. Has anyone fished it? Any pointers? Here's what the website says:

    Good catches of largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, bullhead catfish, northern pike and carp can be taken from Harrison Lake.
  2. A friend and I fished it a couple months back. We were using worms and minnows under a slip bobber with a small hair jig. We caught a ton of small catfish. We also caught a bunch of crappie, most were small so they were all released. I know there are largemouth in there but not too sure about smallmouth or pike. Move around until you find fish. Most were along the banks near downed trees and other structure. Good luck

  3. My son and I fished it a few months ago and brought home several dozen crappie. Nothing great mostly around 9in. We also caught several cats in the 15-18in range. Only one largemouth that I recall. We've always fished with minnows. Check the little marina store and they usually have them.

    Hope you have a boat, cause it really doesn't have a lot of access without one. If you don't, fish the dike area past the swim beach. Cast out with a slip bobber and fish it deep.

    There are also a lot of carp. Most of what we saw were at the far west end, where it is fairly shallow.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks. I'm coming from the Columbus area for a camping trip. My four-year-old daughter is dying to catch dinner while we are out there.