Harrison Lake State Park

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Thompson240, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. New member: jmetzler1 reported in the chat today at 2230hrs that he had 42 crappie today off the ice at Harrison Lake State Park. He couldn't figure out how to post this so I'll do it for him. If you have any more questions you'll have to ask him. With any luck he will figure out how to add to this post.

    Thompson240: out
  2. I have never fished there but have thought about it been never been there. Looking at the lake maps it's shallow. I know one guy fishes it a lot in open water and does well. May be worth a trip next weekend.

  3. thanks for posting this for me the lake is shallow but we were fishing structure only 10 to 15 feet from shore i caught my fish in only 3.5 hours there are down trees all over the lake just pick one sticking out of the and drill next to start and move from tree to tree i fished the middle and deeper parts with no luck best luck was in 6 feet of water and shinners worked the best good luck to anyone who goes out there ill be there sat.