harrison lake crappie

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  1. We went to Harrison lake this morning and caught approx. 40 crappie. Brought home 25. Most in the 9-10in range.

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  2. hey bubbas toy , saw you and your son on the water yesterday, i was in the 16' lowe with my buddy. never fished that lake before but we did all right. caught a ton of catfish and a bunch of dink crappie, did manage 4 good size fish but ended up throwing them back at the end of the day, no bass either. we caught most of the fish on minnows under slip floats.

  3. I think we talked to you at one point. My son commented on liking your boat. I pointed out the fact that I coudn't haul it around with a Ford Focus! LOL

    We were using minnows also. Did manage to get one medium size bass in the morning. I think we caught around 10 cats! My son was out fishing me all day.:rolleyes: I think he had 8 of the 10 cats, and 2/3rds of the crappie. Not bad for a 10yr old. I did get the bass though. LOL He's had a lot of days showing his dad up!

    3rd time we've fished in Harrison. We've had decent fishing every time. Nothing spectacular, but always have a fun time. Of course we just started crappie fishing this year. We haven't quite got them figured out yet.:confused: