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  1. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    I caught 7-8 bass on a jig, but the biggest was 14". The guy I fished with threw a small crappie tube and caught a couple crappie, some bluegill, and even a few small bass.

    I kicked one of my poles over the side of the boat and then proceeded to fall in the water while trying to grab it. Did not get the pole back, and also ruined my cell phone. Water temps are 68+...
  2. pizza


    seeing as how you caught that total pigbeast of a smallie at alum last year, you are forgiven.

    Did you barb yourself in the behind too? ;)

    As the oldest saying in the book goes, $hit happens!

    That is warm warm!

    I waded the river the other day in shorts and sandals for about 4 hours and never felt cold.

    Glad it was just material possessions and nothing more serious...

  3. Where did you drop the rod, I could use a new one:p
    I was out there this evening looking for mushrooms.
  4. BrianC

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    I took my daughter to the playground there yesterday evening. I thought I saw you guys pulling out. Looked like a great evening to be out fishing.
  5. fishingredhawk

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    Sounds like an awesome experience. I've always wanted to fall into a lake and lose my best setup and ruin my cellphone. Can you teach me how next time we go out?
  6. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    Mike, I am sure I can assist you in finding the water.

    It is my belief that all bass fisherman will fall out of their boats at least once, and I said that before I fell out of mine :)

    The rod/reel is in the area that I think used to be a beach, across from the dam.

  7. Used to catch some nice fish over that way. Havn't got to wet a line yet!!! Maybe if it is nice Sunday morning...

    If I happen to see anything out that way that has washed up, I'll let you know
  8. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    Polesnatcher Get a hold of me when you are coming over, got plenty of room in the boat. We have cooked up around 40 or so crappies so far. BC
  9. Sounds good.

    I'm working 10am-10pm right now so we'll see when I get a chance. Hopefully I can get out a couple mornings next week.