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  1. Pretty decent day at hargus today. Two keepers, but one kicker and a ton of the smaller ones in there. She was released to live on. Enjoy!

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  2. Thats a very nice fish in anybodys book

  3. Great looking fish, Congrats!!!!
  4. pizza


    :B :B :B !!! Nice job!
  5. Nice fish! Did you measure the length?
  6. Columbusslim31

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  7. She was 20''. I did not measure the girth, but estimate she was around 4 lbs.
  8. JignPig Guide

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    Nice looking fish. And good picture. Congratulations!
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    Just East of Circleville.
  10. i love hargus, prob busy there this weekend huh. just a quaint lil lake with alot of fish in it, but they get stabbed alot i would have to guess
  11. Now that there is a pretty decent fish. Almost as big as that smallmouth I caught last month.:p
  12. jeffmo

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    well let's see just how well you did!
    post a pic of it.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys.
  14. WOW NICE BASS!!!! are you ready for deer season???
  15. I've got the itch bad, but still lots of good fishing left.....Still have stands to get up this weekend, and then we are set. Good luck to you on opening weekend, it won't be long now.
  16. ive got it bad!!!!! i was out at alum yesterday and nuttin!!!!!! im thinking of just holding out till the white bass start there feedbag on hoover in a few weeks :)
    good luck to you too this season.....that gound blind looks like it will work out great!!!
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    Damn, that is a big bass!!! Looks bigger than 4 pounds!!!
    Nice job dude!!
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    Good job! I miss that lake. I will be back up there soon though and we need to get out again.
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    Why Is It When Your'e Fishin With Me I Never See Ya Do That!!!