hargus lake bass 09/30/08

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Danshady, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. fished hargus lake today from 9am-200pm. fishing was slow at first, i could not find a pattern for the bass, caught a few here and there on buzzbait and a white crankbait 5-6 ft deep. had about five small bass in the boat and around 1230-1pm the wind kicked up and it got a little hectic, i seen the other two boats on the lake leave and head for the ramp, i found a feeding frenzy, everywhere the wind was blowing into the bass were nailing a bps sexy shad shallow crank, i ended up catching 12 more bass in an hour. nothing big though. early in the day i tried to flip some weeds with a worm, buzz, crank 5-6 ft water, spinnerbait, and vibee some of the deeper water ledges. the wind saved the day for me!
  2. Sounds like you had a good time there Dan. I was down there a week ago, just fished from the bank and got skunked. BTW how bad did the water get with the wind and what size is your boat?

  3. the wind kicked up the water pretty good, im sure not as bad as hoover or alum would have got, but i was on the trolling motor constant to keep myself from gettin blown into the banks i was fishing. i have a 14ft aluminum jonboat, it gets blown around pretty easy.
  4. any ideas for good shoreline fishing there at Hargus. Trying to make it there this friday.. as long as the weather holds out...and also need to know where is there a bait shop at in that area.... been a few years since being there.... thanks
  5. well there is a little store that sells some bait right there at the lake, but i dont know if they are still open or closed for the season...as far as where to fish, everywhere has weeds still and there could be fish up shallow looking for food. like i said i couldnt pattern them the other day until the wind blew