hargus lake bass 07/01/2008

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  1. had a beautiful evening at hargus lake today, fished for about 3.5 hours and ended up with 14 bass and 3 pretty good ones and 2 bluegill. hit one of the bigger ones on a buzzbait and most of the other ones came off plastics, worms and craws, just pitching them in the weeds. it was just a great day to be on the water, although towards the end of the trip we had a couple mishaps, one involving my trolling motor getting someones leftover line all tangled around the prop thanks alot whoever cut off 150 yards of line and left it in the water. and then my fiancee we think dropped her cell phone in the water at the boat ramp while loading the boat to leave. but still a beautiful day and caught some good fish.
  2. Nice catches! The shoreline in the pics look like they're just begging for a frog bait!

  3. Nice fish! The weeds have really grown since the last time I was there.
  4. didnt try the frog thought about it though, but was doing well and didnt wanna go away from that, next time maybe!!!!
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    Real nice picture! Good job.

    With pictures like these you'll be able to share your experience with not only your friends, but also future generations.

    I guess Hargus is making a comeback from the bad reputation it had back in the '80s.