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hardwater upground

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bronzeback, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. going to go out tomorrow to check the ice and see what the bite is like. wondering if anyone has tried findlay, beavercreek or bellveue. hoping ice is thick enough to feel comfortable going solo.
  2. I fished Beaver Creek Saturday morning. Out of the four of us no one caught a fish. We were fishing in 17 feet of water on the south end, looking for the Crappies.
    I was moving about every 20 minutes or so, to no avail. After about two hours of this to Sandusky Bay I went.

    The ice on south end of Beaver Creek is seven or eight inches thick.

    Last Tuesday there was open water on the east side and north end, it froze over Tuesday night. Be very cautious over by the boat ramp.

    I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for fish at B/C my fish finder was not working.

    I’ll be out at B/C this weekend, with a finder that works. Maybe a little night fishing for eye’s.