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    Ice Fish Finder

    Can you you use a typical boat/transom fish finder for ice fishing?
  2. thats a tricky question...yes you can but it will be limited to showing depth and sructure...not "real time" like a flasher which shows your lure and approaching fish!! since i got my vex 3 yrs ago i cant imagine fishing without it!!! if it is all you have use it!! it beats nothing!!

  3. Yes you can use it. I know alot of guys who prefer a regular fishfider over a flasher. You can see every thing with a good finder that you will with a flasher, the info is just presented in a differant way.

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    If you want to go the lcd route. Buy a cheap eagle or bird. Mount the tranducer on a 1" PVC pipe wrapped with pipe insulation (so it will float). Mount the unit on a plywood box. Buy a small 12v battery (the same one's all the portable units use). Turn the fish ID off, turn the chart speed all the way up, and adjust the sensetivity to detect your bait. You'll probably have the same unit for $100 less. It may not be as fast as a Vex. But it gives all the important info. Bottom, bait depth, fish depth. Good Luck