Hard Ice/Eagles/ Fish/Good Company!!!!!!!!!

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    Man what a day....Met IcebucketJohn at Mog.this morning and spent half a day on some of the hardest 4 to 4 1/2 inches of ice that I have fished this year. First, as I pulled into the CLR parking area there was a mature bald eagle feeding on something out 100 yards off the lot.....as I mentioned it to John.....he said that there had been two and one had just left......As we tested our way out at first.......we finally interupted the eagle from his meal (which by the way, turned out to be a canada goose that was froze to the ice. Second, gave John the guest treatment today....we fished in my TRAP GUIDE and I got John set-up with the vex (which he fell in love with) after an hour marking fish and getting no hits........ we reset up twice more....all times we marked fish with no takers. Finally started to get hits (very light) and managed to catch several small gills and John got one perch on and lost it. A few shots of hot coffee and several swapped stories later........ it was time for John to call it a day and head to work. I fished almost an hour longer catching only a few more small gills....THANKS JOHN!!!! VERY ENJOYABLE TIME AND DESERVES A REPEAT TO THE NEWER AREAS WE DISCUSSED. PS. ONLY DOWN SIDE FOR ANY OTHERS HEADED IN THE DIRECTION OF CLR.....THERE IS AN AREA TO THE EAST OF CLR ...TO THE LEFT OF THE LONG ISLAND THAT ABOUT 600 TO 1000 GEESE HAVE KEPT AN OPEN WATER AREA........ALSO THERE IS OPEN WATER.. JUST TO THE WEST SIDE OF CLR. SO AVOID THOSE AREAS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.....jON sR
  2. Yep, it was colder ice fishing CLR today than one could tell while in the taj-mahal....Jon Srs, Dave Gentz Fish Trap Guide. But one sure felt the sting of single digit chill factor out of the shanty. Seeing those mature bald eagles was worth the ride out there despite the fact our catch was poor.

    Sure enjoyed the day. It's amazing to think I've been ice fishing for 50 yrs and never cease to learn new tricks, tips & ideas. I learned alot today about electronics...their usages and advantages. And despite modern technology for today's fisherman including gear, equipment & lures... nobody has come up with a devise to make fish switch from a non-feeding cycle into a feeding frenzy. I guess that's why we've been nearly skunked the last 2 times on the ice. Amazing isn't it.

    Looking forward to more ice days with ya.

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    im glad you guys had a good time. thats the thing about electronics, they dont change anything, but they make you MUCH more aware of whats going on. then YOU can change to meet the conditions. i always think of my vex as a sixth sense on the ice. if you hadnt had the flasher you wouldnt have known that you were on fish since they werent biting. usually i find that theyre either very small fish or they just dont want to eat. lots of times i think fish that wont bite that you can see with a flasher are just curious but not feeding.