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    Anyone have any recommendations on a good program that will create a backup of your hard drive? I wanna have a copy in case hard drive were ever to take a crap i have a back of all info and programs.

  2. well, you can always try the build-in windows backup program, but I dont think it has been updated for 15 years... it is pathetic.

    GHOST used to be the best, but I think someone bought them.

    I am using the one that is build into the ROXIO package, but I would not recommend it.

    I hope someone else can help, maybe there is a free software that would do it?

  3. Chuck P.

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    carbonite.com It's a pay service but you can try it for 15 days for free.
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    I just picked up a Simpletech external hardrive. Plugs into a USB, run a program, and it backed up my entire work hardrive. Cost around $140.
  5. If you want an exact copy I recommend norton Ghost even though someone said they was bought out you can find older freeware versions that work just fine.

    If your looking to just backup files/photos/and mp3 or w/e then just get a second HD and copy them over.
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    One more note, If you are using Windows XP, make sure you have your original disk and I would recommend making a copy of it also.

    Bill Gates is leaving MS and taking XP with him. MS will stop supporting XP, but I can't remember when this is going to happen.
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    I highly recommend the time capsule by Apple. They come in 500gb and 1TB sizes. I have one on my Mac and my machine is backed up every hour. I believe they work with windows as well. Also has a 802.11N wireless router built it. Worth every penny, probably the single best computer investment I've ever made.
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    You hit it best the Norton Ghost is best.why is because it backs up in Dos not windows.and it gets every thing.not just parts.I used it for near 10 years.I know best way to use it too.I made a master and have all me 5 computers with same 20 GBs programs.if get virus thats nothing.just reinstall it from my master.next to this was my Iomega back up man that was super too.but Ghost beats it by a slight edge.Well thats my 2 cents.I been with computers from day one and am the best hacker there be. LOL
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  10. Ghost for full system image below the windows level. Best to use a version before they changed hands, making it a windows app instead of an administrator's DOS based tool. I use Ghost 2003.

    If you want to move files at times, download the XP extension that includes ROBOCOPY from Microsoft. Get the robocopy GUI as well to help you initially set up the commands, that can be written to a script accessed from your desktop. Switches are available for a mirror image or to only copy things that are new are changed, retaining backup copies of files removed from the source (what I use).