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Harbor Freight Boat Trailer

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by eness76, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Guys, I was just over at Harbor Freight looking for the boat trailer on their website and was told it was a special order item. After waiting in line for 15mins. they wouldn't even look up the item number, they pointed me to the catalog by the door to look up the item number myself and get back in line, which by this time was about 8 people deep. So I decided I had better get back to work or I was going to be late. I called the West side store and the lady there thought it was just a internet order item.

    That's my ramble, I feel better. Now the question, I like the size of the trailer being a bit smaller I think I can slip it under my deck with the boat on it (bi-level house), so does anybody know where I can get something similar around Columbus or have one they want to sell? I tried Rock's but theirs is a bit larger and a lot more expensive. Thanks,
  2. ParmaBass

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    I had one a few years ago when I had my 12' boat. They had them in stock at the Parma area Harbor freight. I'd call another Harbor Freight and see if they can get it to the store closer to you, unless you don't want to deal with them anymore.

    It was a pretty nice trailer for the price, I think it even came with a light kit.

  3. Thanks Parmabass. I called the other HF in town and they said they've never even had one in their store and that it may just be an internet thing. After the dealing at the first store I was really not feeling like going back in. I ordered it over the net and I'll just wait for it to arrive. Shipping wasn't bad, at all, it was only 11.99 and i found a 5dollar coupon online so I only wound up paying 6.99 more then in the store. Thanks again,
  4. I ordered this trailer several weeks ago. The trailer comes in 3 boxes, but only two of the three showed up. I called customer service and they said it just got delayed at FedEx and it would be there in a day or two. Still no box. VERY long story short, after 6 more times of calling customer service and having 6 different people (including a manager!!!) tell me that they would personally make sure to send a replacement box because the other one got lost and to wait 5-7 days, I found out that it had never actually been sent, and a trace had never been put on the missing package. So now it is a month after the first two boxes have arrived and I finally just had to cancel the order. So now I have to ship these huge pieces back and won't get my refund until the third box is found, except that that was the problem to begin with!!! I am so furious. I can overlook 1 person not doing their job, but to have 6 different people, including a manager, blow me off tells me that the company has trained them to say these things and just doesn't care.
  5. May I ask who has one of these that I may see in person, I have a 13 foot boat im looking for a trailer for.
  6. It will be ok for your boat. I bought one for my 12' I used to have.
  7. I just put one together for my 12 foot semi vee with a 40" beam ( small boat). for 329.oo and 6.99 shipping it is a nice traler for a smaal boat. Go to HF website and put in "boat trailer" mine came in three boxes on separate trucks. sorry to hear about the one guys problem on just getting 2 boxes but I have no complaints on mine. I pull it with a Buick Regal Other than the hitch being a little low, no problems on towing (I do not plan on going any great distances) hope this helps