Happy Thanksgiving Icer's

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    Well, guess I thought that I'd try to be the first to toss up the Holiday wishes to all of you hearty souls out there that really get into the "HARDWATER" style of fishing.....Happy Thanksgiving to each and all of you. May you each find some special meaning, that will bring you even the faintest glimmer of happiness and well being...and to make the best out of troubled times....As for ME...two of my many blessings are......still being alive(after tough medical times and beating the odds) and really getting to READ WHAT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THESE FINE OGF FORUMS.....and your threads/posts, that more often help the less knowledgeable and in the simple sense......help keep us all informed (on a wider scale) than just in front of our noses.......THANKS AND STAY SAFE ALL..............JON SR........
  2. Same sentiments here too, morphish42.

    I sincerely hope each one of us, our families and our nation get right with our Creator and start living accordingly. Not to sound preachy, but of all mankind, we've blessed to have a lifestyle that 99.4% better than the rest of all mankind. In reality, we got nothin to B*tch about

    From the sounds of it, it appears you had a bout with the big C? Me too, but with Prostrate Cancer... last January I went under the knife. Still not 100% recovered and maybe nver will, but grateful to be able to get out on the ice.

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    John.....not quite( on the "C" )........heart just stopped late one night, just after I got in bed.....no warning/no nothing....just stopped...was clinically dead. Long story after that.....I"ll shorten that..CPR(wife)/ 5 fantastik para-medics (wouldn't give up)/super job ER and follow up heart surgery/ medical induced coma/still was not supposed to live/weeks in the hospital/chance for brain damage (lack of oxygen, time wise)/ICD (put in chest)/over a year and a halfs worth of hardest battle I ever fought to remain alive/and so on. BUT OTHER THAN THAT SLIGHT SET BACK IN LIFE.......NOT A WORRY....I'm here. Glad to be alive.....and try to live each day to it's fullest, with God's grace.. PS. I told you earlier, that it was really good to see you posting again and I remembered you had some medical issues that need taking care of.... I personally am glad to see that your still here.....Wish you a good life....and it's what we make out of what we are handed....Take care........Jon SR.
  4. WOW.. and I thought I had a rough year!

    Without a doubt, you're a walking miracle.

    Congrats on your recovery.
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    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Thanks.... I've been told that an awful lot and never get tired of hearing it. Funny thing tho is.....to look at me today, you would never/never guess that. Even my cardiac MD's.....have told me that a "higher power" than them, pulled off that "miracle"......So you see....... I'm one of the most grateful people you will ever meet in your life time amd with good reason.....I Told you that I would totally enjoy sharing some time with you on the ice this winter....and now you know why I really mean it.......Jon Sr.
  6. With your kind of luck, I wanna drill some hole right next to yours!
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    mrphish42: Happy Thanksgiving, also hope you have your best ice season ever.

    Happy Holidays to everyone else as well.
  8. mrphish and icebucket, glad you guys are still around. Working in the medical field I see alot of really sad stuff. I am greatful to be alive everyday, and healthy better yet, so i can only imagine the battles you two had! I look forward to meeting you on the ice this year. Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. Looking forward to the frozen camradere'.... LA and all.