"Happy" Septmeber 11th everyone

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  1. Not that this is a happy occasion. Let's not forget those that were lost on that faitful day 7 years ago. May they rest in peace. :(

    Thanks to all the past and present Police, EMS, Firefighters, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Reserves and everyone else that protects us every day.

  2. RIP Martha Reszke. Killed at the Pentagon 9/11/01. Wife of my best friend in high school.
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    My Dad was only 16 during WWII. I always wondered what he had felt like when he heard the news about Pearl Harbor. He joined the Navy shortly after that. As I sat and watched it on TV, I know now exactly how he felt that day. I for one will never forget that day. And I never want my kids to have another 9-11. God bless all our troops for keeping us all safe and for protecting our freedoms that so little appreciate today.
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    I will never forget. Many thanks to our military and civilian personnel whose daily job it is to keep us safe.
  5. I can't imagine the feelings after the attacks on Pearl Harbor but I wish I could forget the feelings after 9-11. I pray that it never happens again.
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    They were replaying the live footage from that morning coordinated with the real time. That is, at 9:00 a.m. this morning they were showing the footage at 9:00 a.m. that morning. They were commenting on the plane that hit the first tower and whether it was an accident, an air traffic control issue or some other cause when at 9:03 the second plane came into view and hit the second tower. Even though we all know what happened that morning, my heart actually jumped when I saw the other plane approaching on the screen. And knowing now what we didn't know then it was almost pathetic the remarks made by the commentators on the air. From saying it was a small plane to a big plane to an explosion from the other tower, etc- they were just free-associating words to what they had seen. It was OBVIOUS that a large twin-engined airliner had hit the tower but the comments from the live callers and the anchors were so widely varied as to what had happened. Our mindset at that date was SOOOO far off what was truly happening that I think the truth really couldn't be realized. I watched until the anger and rage and disgust with what we have done since overtook my morning mood and made me quit watching.

    Remember those who died and who gave their lives during this tragedy and remember also those who are currently devoting their lives to assuring that this never happens again.

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    History repeats if we do forget. I'm still very bitter at some of the attitudes of some Americans since this happened.I plan on visiting the "Flight 93" memorial in Pennslyvania soon. My son lives very close to where that flight wrecked,thanks to the efforts of some brave americans. To bad others are not as brave as they have forgoten just what happened. catking....:(