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    hey everybody, got my canoe registration renewal in the mail, got me thinking, When to start talking some plastic boat turnament(canoe yak pontoon) really wanna fish the gmr this year. I know a buddy of mine are gonna try to float thru dayton under all those bridges. so when are we gonna plan for so yall got no excuses. lets do the great miami first, I think we would not all be refishing everyoneelses water. west carrliton ramps is that a canoeablie strech river run road to west carillton. anyone know where to park around U.D. to pull out? anyone know a good spot to put in park.(that sounds bad). I see young wiskers building some baits. lmr talking about his pig hole. I have just been staying warm resting my spinnerblades.

    so anyway i was thinking end of march/april.
  2. get back with me when you plan on doing the GMR through Dayton, i know the area like the back of my hand and can tell you where all the good Access points and parking spots are at. there are 3 lowheads in Downtown that would need portaged around though. my best spots are within 2 miles of Downtown, i might have an unfair advantage lol. honestly the smallie fishing goes downhill quick once you pass the Dam in West Carrolton. think its due to the increase in fishermen ( like paylake at times from the Dam downstream) and Flathead Catfish, they LOVE to eat smallies. the long pool above it is good but i wouldnt chance a canoe or yak in there, too many careless idiots in Pleasure boats, bass boats, and Jet Ski's.