happy new year plug

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by Black Talon, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. just messing around with a idea i had to come up with some fireworks for the new year:) i didnt have anytime for an Christmas plug, so i did this instead.



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    That is awesome. I've toyed around with the effect, but haven't been able to hold any consistency in the pattern yet. With practice I hope to use it on a bait soon.
  3. Very nice as usual B/T, and, as a man from the Chinese Embassy said to me once "you are very skifful". pete
  4. I just remembered this, you copied it- Happy New Year. pete !![​IMG]
  5. Nice work. It reminds me of Japanese art I have seen.
  6. Wow that is neat! I like it alot.
  7. Wow! Very nice. How long did it take for you to do that?
  8. thanks for the words guys.i like to do some stuff like this, its a change of pace.
    it only took around 15-20 min. the first spray is your biggest. and then every color after that you justs make them smaller, till you end up with a dot so to say.a little trick is to thin out the paint alot so it spreads more uniform...........Keith
  9. Here's a 3" frog pattern, using the same technique, although not to the precision of B.T. pete

  10. Looks like some sort of green snake with sunflowers on its side! Cool stuff.