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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sto Lat Brother!!!!!!!!!

    Make sure you have a great day and Even better Vacation with Joey!! you Deserve it!!

    I am proud to have as a Best friend, Fishin Partner, and most of ALL like a little Brother!!!!!

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  2. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    Happy B-Day bro ! Have a safe trip and most of all have fun in Cancun !
  3. What?! Kevin gets to go to Cancun for his birthday present? All I get is to work all week for my present. That ain't right!:D

    Have a good birthday and trip as well!!
  4. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    Yeah I am going to Cancun on Saturday for 7 days at some 5 star all inclusive resort, I'm going with my brother, should be a good time I'm looking forward to it, I need a vacation, BUT I can't wait to start night fishing ASAP when I get back, I want to put in as much work in on the new boat before she goes to sleep for a few months. I hope my woman got me something good for my birthday.

    Frank thanks for the bottle, thanksgiving weekend we'll put it to some good use!! Thanks bro.
  5. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Have a good day K gone!

    and have a good trip as well!!
  6. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    happy birthday kevin and have a great day.
  7. Happy B-Day Kev! We won't catch ALL the Hawgs while you're playing in Cancun...we'll save you a few!;)

  8. Sto Lat ! ! ! ! !
    Na Zdrowy ! ! ! !

    28?????? Man.... you ain't nothing but a mlody kozle......

    Have a happy one .. and a good trip ! !! !
  9. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    Thanks guy, I signed a deal today at work and plan on hanging out with some friends tonight, Today is a good day. Quote by Ice Cube LOL
  10. Lewis


    Happy Birthday K:D
  11. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Happy b-day buddy. Hope you have a good one.:)