Happy Belated Fathers' Day

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  1. Sorry I'm late with this. Want to wish all the fathers out there a happy belated fathers day. I hope it was enjoyable for all. Which in my mind translates to, I hope all the fishing fathers on this board got to get out and do what they love to do: fish. My father passed in '94 and I have no children, but I would be remiss not to honor those who do.

    Some of my greatest childhood memories are of my father taking me fishing. And one of my last poignant memories of him was when the tables were turned and I took him fishing instead in the summer of '94. It was our last fishing trip together and we both knew it. It was painful and joyful all at the same time. I'm a grown man but I can still remember how special I felt when he called me "little buddy," when we were fishing. And he taught me so much more while fishing other than how to tie a knot so my hook wouldn't come loose... again, use a casting rod so it wouldn't backlash...again or hold a catfish so it wouldn't slice my thumb open... again. Yeah. I was hard headed and wouldn't listen the first time. I made every mistake there was to make. And he let me. He made me learn the hard way so that I could remember and appreciate the right way. Never had to raise his voice. Sometimes he giggled. Sometimes he just said, "Ready to listen now?" He taught me how to fish and so much more about life. So to all the fathers out there, keep fishing and keep teaching. Hope your day was grand.
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    thanks, nice post spidey!

    wished my dad would have fished with me more in the day but i still drag him out a few times a year and from what i can tell he enjoys it. wished i knew a way to really get him hooked, guess it cant happen at his age (64)? he is in great shape and loves to hunt/camp/quad and be outdoors but never really took fishing to the next level.
    gotta pry him from my step mother ...it's really frustrating esp. since he is retired:confused: i am thinking a musky trip might do the trick?

    btw my daughter(15) who i basically have forced to fish all her life went to lake erie with me for fathers day. we reeled in walleyes and had a good time.
    she is another problem i have...
    i can see that she really enjoys the fishing and scenery and with all the trips we have made seldem did we not (tear it up) fishing wise. she has seen and caught some awesome fish for a kid. just the last 3-4 years she has really battled me on this but i make her do it:p . I dont try to turn her into a hard core fisherman but i want her to 'step outside' and be outdoors once in a while. does this make me a bad person??? hahaa:p i realize that her focus is on boys now but she loves animals and can woof down a bunch of fish!
    she did buy me a cute fathersday card with a big bass on the front...
    FROM THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!! kind of choked me up for a bit.

    happy fathers day to the rest and the fathers that are now gone

  3. Nice post spidey.

    I’ll try to use this thread as my coming out party. Misfit & Ying6 were already aware of this, but I lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly three weeks ago. He passed away 30 minutes after my last post on OGF. Dad was a very special presence in my life and I still cannot accept the fact that he’s really gone. His last words to me were “See you on Father’s Day”. He was well aware that we had a long standing tradition to fish Pymatuning Lake for walleye every year. I found his spinning rods leaning against the wall in his garage with my favorite crawler harnesses attached and all his gear ready to go. I'm missing him more than words can say. He was 82 yrs old.
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    Sorry to hear that Terry. Sounds like you'll always remember that you had the privelege of having a such a wonderful relationship with your dad, that most of us in the same boat take for granted. Too many of my buddies are estranged from their fathers, and it's stories like yours that should make both fathers and sons pickup the phone at the very least, more often.

    Again, sorry for your loss man.
  5. My most sincere condolences, Net. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. It sounds like you and your father shared a wonderful relationship that should be an inspiration for many to aspire towards.
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    Sorry to hear that Net.
    my condolences mate
  7. I just now caught this thread and thanks for the belated holiday wishes. The stories that have been shared bring a tear to my eye as well. I lost my father just over 2 years ago somewhat suddenly so needless to say there are still those tough days for us dealing with it.

    My father loved fishing as well, mostly the catfishing. I can remember many, many trips where we would spend nearly the whole night on the lakeside. Those are some very fond memories.

    I also want to wish a Happy Belated Father's Day to all of the other fathers.

    Terry, I am glad you made it back to join us. Hopefully the folks here can help in the healing process. I am sure the pain of the loss is huge right now. We certainly never forget our loved ones but time does help us learn to cope with life in their absence.
  8. To Spidey, Thanks for the Fathers day wishes, and to Net (Terry), you have my most sincere condolences. I, like you, share the same story of losing my father suddenly the week after Thanksgiving (1999). It's a tough row to hoe, but with the support of family and close friends we have all made it through these tough times. I'm not making any suggestions, but if it were me that spinning combo would go in my boat on every trip I made from here on out. I guess it shows us how short life is even at 82. It just makes me want to fish more often. Lets all go fishing!:)
  9. Thank you to all who replied. Every kind word I've received over the past 3 wks has helped me take that one extra step forward.

    FishingDog, one of those two spinning combos made the ride with him (casket) along with one erie dearie, one hot-n-tot and his straw fishing hat. I'll take your advice on the other combo.
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    Some of my greatest childhood memories are of my father taking me fishing. And one of my last poignant memories of him was when the tables were turned and I took him fishing instead in the summer of '94. It was our last fishing trip together and we both knew it. It was painful and joyful all at the same time.

    Hi Spidey! Thanks for the Father's Day wishes! My Dad is dying of cancer :mad: :( . He has not fished this year at all. His health has gone downhill pretty quick. We got out last year about a half dozen times on our boat @ Alum and a couple bank fishing trips to Hoover. How do I get him out for one more memory? How did you do it with your father? I keep waiting for him to ask me, but that dosen't seem like it's going to happen. I want what you got, those last memories...... I have 2 boys of my own (10&3) who I want to take fishing on a daily basis, but I've never fished without my Dad, he has been on very fishing adventure/misadventure, lol.... I keep saying I'm going to just go without him but I can't seem to do it. He has been my fishing buddy from day one, he taught me everything i know. Damn it's hard to type this let alone think/talk about it. Any advice would be much appreciated:confused: Thank you!!! Jimmy

    Net, I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
  11. Terry,
    With a tear in MY eye, very very COOL! I'll alway remember this thread.;)
  12. My heart goes out to you fishinking. When my father sold his boat 3 years prior, I knew it wasn't good. I was still in the Navy then and all that I could think and pray about was letting me get to fish with him one more time. I got out in '93 his health was up and down, I was in school and working 2 sometimes 3 jobs and that next fishing trip never seemed to happen. In '94 he really started to decline. One day I just drove home and said let's go fishing. I had to help him to the car, to the bank and bait his hook. Knowing how adventurous he used to be, this was no easy task. But when he grinned at me and looked out on the water and said "It's a beautiful day out," not caring so much that he was fishing but we were out together again, it was like magic. He let all the fish steal his bait without even trying to reel them in. I told him that he had a bite and he just smirked and said "I know." That was my infamous childhood line before I did something unbelievably stupid when I really didn't know what I was doing. I wasn't big enough to let him see me cry, even though that made me laugh, so I told him I forgot something in the car. All he did was smile. But when we left, he sighed and had that look like he knew that that was it.

    He had brain surgery twice before and a few weeks later it was discovered that the tumors had come back and had spread throughout his body. And he said that he had had enough. I know he wasn't feeling great when we went, but I knew there weren't going to be many more opportunities. I am so glad that I practically carried him out of the house with me. It was one of his last outings anywhere other than to the hospital.

    It's not easy, fishinking. Your father may not ask to go. You might just have to take him. And take comfort in knowing your father took the time to bond with you and help to raise a decent human being. That, in my book, is the sign of a very good man.
  13. Spidey, your story is one of the more touching ones that I have read in quite some time. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I hope that when it is my time to leave this world that I am afforded the opportunity to share it with loved ones like your father did. To get one last opportunity to sit on the bank with my boys would be something special.
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    Spidey, Thanks so much for the reply, it's been such an emotional release to get my feelings out really for the first time, to you. I am going to take your advice and just take him and as you did I may have to litterally carry him to the water, he doesn't get around real well these days he is supposed to use a walker but he is to proud/stubborn to do so. Again thanks for everything! I'm going to try to get some of the polaroids of me and him fishing/at bait stores getting fish weighed and what not put on a CD so i can post/share some of our memories that we have shared over the last 29 years. And your right Spidey he is a very good man! Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!