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Happy B-day Gator

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Phil Carver, May 22, 2004.

  1. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Happy Birthday man !

    I hope you have a good one . Get out and catch some fish so you can post and tell us about it . :D
  2. Lewis


    Happy birthday Gator! :D

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Have a GREAT !!! day Gator. THE CATKING :)
  4. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

    Happy Birthday Gator! Snuck this by me and I don't have time to Post your new Picture! :eek:
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    tell me something, did you get so ugly in only 40 years? :eek:
    it took me a lot longer,lol.
    yes,i saw the new picture :D ;)

    have a great day big guy.

    ps....................what did your "son" get you? :D
  6. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Happy Bday Gator.. Yes please tell what did your son get you. :D Dont worry I'll be kickin your butt fishin sometime soon. ;) Hope you have a great one.
  7. Thanks Guys.....I did make it out on Salt Fork & even though the water had came up & got somewhat stained, some nice saugeyes were caught (HillbillyBob & Jarod had 7 nice "eyes" by days end) Shane & I could only manage 1 nice keeper eye along with a bunch of small Crappies :eek: but it was a good way to spend the birthday.

    Misfit, by looking at your avatar, I see what the future holds for me (in another 30yrs) :eek: :D

    ZFish, I just took the only butt kicking I'm going to recieve this season so when we get a chance to fish together I'm going to send you back to Dayton with your tail tucked between your little legs. :p

    Now as for what my son (T-Boy) got me for my B-Day.......I think he just flat out forgot, seems he was pulling a limit of 5lb saugeyes out of Dillon :rolleyes:
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    it's a shame the boy went without you.just think of all the bigguns you'd have caught,with him at your side :D

    it's a scarey thought ain't it? :eek: :eek: :D