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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by RichsFishin, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Well here I am at my girlfriends for the weekend with my kids so that means no hunting usually which is fine because I'm spending quality time with my kids. We get back from feeding the 60 horses and I look in the back yard and theres 2 big does just grazing away. Oh well theres next weekend.........Rich
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    worminator I'll be bach

    Hey Rich, I know that at least one of them young ens are old enough to start teaching the basics of bow huntin. Sounds like you should have had a field dressing 101 lesson yesterday. You could have had my day......................
    How about six hours on the noisy end of a 8 horse blower. I figure that's good training for draggin out that big buck we've been seeing. I even saw a small rub at my in-laws, right in the back yard, in town. Maybe I should set up on the back porch. We'll get em next time for sure. Hey Budd, 13 days till deer camp. I'm gettin the menu ready now.


  3. Not sure if I'm going to make it due to starting that painting job. Might just come down for that Saturday and Sunday to bow hunt. Seems like the younguns are more focused on them dang video games these days.........Rich
  4. Being a mother of 3 I feel your pain. Luckily I have a daughter age 7 who shows a great deal of interest in hunting. My 9 year old has ADHD she will never be quiet enough to hunt. She is more into ball and other sports. My 17 yr old son, however, is very much into hunting. Back to feeling your pain...I don't get out as much as I'd like due to ahving children. But like you said it's good quality time.

    You sound like a good boyfriend to your GF and her children. You should be commended for being a "good man". I say that because you remind me of my husband. (married less than 2 yrs). he has given up hunting time, fishing time, etc to care for us. You know why he does it? because he loves us. Just like i bet you love your girlfriend. I know these are not his children but in his mind that does not matter. He cares for them as they are his own. They are trying at times - trust me. But they are worth it.

    You'll get to hunt again soon and I hope you get the biggest best buck ever because you deserve it.

  5. My girlfriend has no children. I have one daughter that is 13 so she is a teenager and wants to hang out with her friends now.I also have 2 boys that are 12 and 9 and gung ho about video games. I do spend alot of time with them when are scheules allow us which is every other weekend and any other chance we get.......................Rich
  6. oh ok. It's good that you spend time with your children. :)
  7. -and you spend time with me and my brother.