Hannibal Pool boat ramps

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  1. I am planning to fish this pool and need ramp info. Is the ramp at Fishing Creek near New Martinsville useable? I would also like the same info on the St. Marys public ramp. I will be launching a Triton 186.
  2. If your talking about the ramp At Fish Creek just south of Moundsville it is a good ramp.
    Also there is a public ramp at Powhatan Point that is real good.

  3. miyot


    not sure about ramp at fishing creek, however ramp at St. Mary's is good. Although it cost 2.00 to launch.
  4. OhioRiverRat

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    City can no longer charge to launch at St. Marys. Property belongs to the Corps of Engineers and the city of St. Marys cannot enforce a launch fee on this ramp. So Let Er Rip:)