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  1. Well, it's finally happened. I've stripped all the old line off of my reels, washed and oiled them and put them in the closet to rest until next spring. This is the first experience I've had with an off-season for this sport and there's something slightly sad about closing the closet door on them and shutting them away. Still I have the memories of learning the GMR and the techniques and tactics that go with it. I remember how daunting it was having to learn how to fish in a brand new environment only to end up finding out that fishing is no different here than it is back in California. But most of all I'll keep with me throughout the cold months the memories of new friends made both here and on the river. To those that helped me I want to thank you and to those who are new here I hope to be to you what many others have been to me.

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    I predict that gear comes out of closet first unseasonably warm weekend! If not, see you in the spring. Holler and we will shorten your spring learning curve.:)

  3. First unseasonably warm day and I'm out there in a heartbeat. I do have more line on standby. I'm still going to be in here talking and, more importantly, listening so I'll be ready to go.
  4. As long as my hands are not numb I will still be fishing. Once the ice forms in the eyes of my rod... Then I will hang it up.
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    Jim, say it ain't so man!! Sadly for my gear, it never gets a break, I'll be fishing year round as long as I don't get frostbite on my casting hand (and if I do, I'll try casting with the other).
  6. I don't care about my casting hand. There are other, more important parts to worry about.
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    how many years in ohio?

    it may take a while to thicken your blood up for the cold weather!!!
  8. This will be my 3rd winter in Ohio but 45 years of San Diego climate has me pretty well trained to stay out of the cold.
  9. I am like TeamPlaker my gear never gets a rest, in fact I just stripped off my line and oiled my reels, but only to put fresh line on them and get them ready to go out tommorrow.
  10. Jim,

    Sometime in January or February, cabin fever will hit you. You can tell that you have it when you become obsessed with fishing shows on TV and start hanging out at Bass Pro just so you can see them feed the fish or you find yourself lost in the rod section at Gander Mountain. But there is a good side to winter. It makes you appreciate spring even more. And if you really think your about to bust and can't wait for spring, get on I-75 and drive south. The further you go the better the fishing.
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  11. I fly fish, so I'll be fishin' for steelhead when I get the chance. When it gets too bad outside, I'll tie a lot of flies & stock all the fly boxes. Have to make sure I have plenty of flies for gills, redear, bass, & trout (mostly for gills). I enjoy passing out effective flies to folks I meet on the water, so I'll tie a bunch of 'em. Sort of makes winter more bearable.
  12. Awww, you don't have to give up yet. The saugeye will still be out. Sure not as fun as the SM but still it's fishing, might even be able to get a pike. Don't forget were not too far from the Mad, the browns should be biting and you don't necessarily have to fly fish to get them. I am going to be hanging up the waders though, I could layer up and still were them but the possibility of falling down and catching hypothermia is not appealing. To ward off cabin fever I will be tying flys, but you could take up lure/tackle making.
  13. Yeah, I used to put my fishing gear away at the end of November. Now my gear gets more rest in the summer.
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    I actually look forward to the cold weather fishing. A little more solitude, and i have a little more time for it with the garden chores over for the season. I like ice fishing too, thats definitely different.

    I fished the GMR for about an hour yesterday, struck out. My waders leaked, lost a 4 dollar shad rap and my stringer, called it quits. No sign of fish activity. I'm thinking sitting on the bank fishing with minnows might be a tad bit more productive.
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    I was at Indian lake last night and there was ice on the eyes of my rod at 7 p.m. needless to say it was cooooooold
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    I fish through the winter but not nearly as much, simply because of shorter daylight hours I am limited to weekends. Also don't enjoy it when rod tip keeps freezing up and will cut a trip short if all I am doing is pulling ice chunks out of the tip. I found if I rub some Armour All on the tip it is less prone to ice accumulation. The winter bite can be slow on the river but as stated previously in this thread.... Lots of quiet.

  17. In our area what can we expect to catch throughout winter. I know saugeye will bite but not sure what else.
  18. I have caught pretty much everything, the fishing just gets a little slower and a little tougher.
  19. I'm tired of checking weather forecasts and I'm getting arthritic from keeping my fingers crossed so I put all my fishing gear in the closet. Washed off my waders and hung em up too and I'm now concentrating on spring and the gear I'm going to buy to be ready for it.
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    In winter, I catch only saugeye. I have seen post on here from those able to coax a bite from a smallmouth, but I don't seem to have the knack for them in winter. I think in winter you have to go out just for the enjoyment of being outdoors, take in some scenery and get a few hours of quite time. The bite is very slow on GMR January and February. On the bright side, some of the best fishing I have done on the river is in March - Only 3.5 months away:) .