Hands down all time favorite plastic bait

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  1. Garyoutlaw77

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    Would love to hear everyones favorite plastic baits & I'm sure you'll have a few so let's split it up -

    Just on sheer #'s & big Bass hands down for me would be a Zoom camo tube

    & a Lil Hustler 1 1/2" Pearl tube for the slabs
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    10' red shad Powerworm with a 5/0 gamag*%$$@*^ EWG hook texas rigged.
    That's obviously for big bass.
    Sorry can't spell that gamaa^%#^ name. Don't speak Japanese.

  3. I have three, in order:

    1) 3 or 4" Mister Twister Curly Tail - anyone who fishes in OH knows how versatile this utility bait is. Have caught nearly every fish species in central OH on one.

    2) 7" Gulp Turtle Back Worm - got bass to play on even the most unlikely days during the dog days of summer. Tequila sunrise on bright mornings works well for me on largemouth 2+ lbs.

    3) YUM Crawbug - good spring lure for smallmouth. Great numbers, size varied. Blue fleck is a go to bait in the late evening for me.
  4. I'd rather fish a 3" twister tail in the wrong color than a 2" or 4" in the correct color. Hope that helps ;)
  5. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    For the following species:

    For LM Bass: Creme black rubber worm rigged weedless and weightless

    For SM Bass: 4" tube in green metal flake

    For Saugeye: 3" Chartreusse Mister Twister

    For Crappie: 1.5" tube in chartruesse/black

  6. LM: Renowsky used to make a softplastic frog with "bits of ground dried frog" embeddied in the plastic. There was a corkscrew that went thru the eye of the hook and screwed into the nose of the frog and the hook went between the legs and rested along the back of the frog. Was the best topwater bass bait I ever fished. Anyone know if they still make it?

    Crappie: 1.5-2" pearl twister tail ....usually on a small black or blue/pink jighead. That pearl color is magic some days for crappie.
  7. 4" or 5" senko/Yum Dinger in green pumpkin for largemouths...
  8. I agree with the 4 or 5 inch YumDinger but in black with blue fleck or watermelon seed.
  9. 4" black sickle tail powerworm texas rigged.
    pearl flukes
    white twisters

    those three combined have caught me thousands of fish. And always work no matter where I try them.
  10. Columbusslim31

    Columbusslim31 Student of Finjitsu

    So far from my four months of using plastics, the 3" chartruse twister tail has netted me several of my biggest fish ever. I'm looking forward to spring though. May have a few more favorites.:D
  11. By far, #1 is the ZOOM Super Fluke. (Arkansas Shiner)

    #2 is the 7" ZOOM U-tail worm (Red Shad or Tequila Green)

    #3 is the YUM 5" Yumdinger, black or watermelon seed
  12. Well, it is obvious that my definition of plastic is different from all of yours, THAT IS OK!!! :) I will learn from this thread!! Based on MY definition of PLASTIC, I will go with a black Arbogast Jitterbug! One of the real classics.
  13. yeah BD. Flukes are a unique lure in that they catch fish when the bite is tough and when its good. Clear and stained water. Cold or hot.
  14. My 1st bait would have to be Strike King Pro Tour 5" Finesse Worm.
    My 2nd is the 4" Turbo Tube in Green Pumpkin.
    My 3rd would have to be the 4" Yum Dinger rigged weightless.
  15. all time favorite three....i could also throw in power craw from powerbait but it came up just short

    1. loco lizard (black/blue)

    2. zoom brush hog (green pumpkin/ amber)

    3. zoom trick worm (white, green pumpkin)

    use the brush hog and trick worm/finesse worm for smallies
    and the loco lizard and brush hog for largemouth
    power craw is good for both
  16. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    my all time favorite soft plastic has to be the strike king zero in watermelon with the red flake. i fish an old gin clear stone quarry and when carolina rigged day or night this lure has out fished any other worm ive tried. my second choice has to be a 3" twister tail grub in yellow white or chartruese these lil guys have saved many a smallmouth trips for me.
  17. Zoom 7" U Tale - Junebug or Watermelonseed

    Zoom 4" C Tail - Junebug or Watermelonseed
  18. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    shhhhhhhhh Big Daddy. :D
    I agree. For numbers by far but I use pearl and rig upside down with a 2/0 or 3/0 round bend gamak$*$ hook. The round bend hook really reduces the number of missed strikes.
    I also usually use a 1/32, 1/16 or 1/8 bullet weight and let it slide if I'm fishing heavier weeds
  19. The albino shad is a great color too... ;) But you didn't hear that from me! LOL!
  20. bones

    bones blah-blah-blah

    all time favorite horny toads.tubes a close 2nd