Handling muskie safely?

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    I am relatively new to muskie fishing. I plan on fishing Ceasars Creek; and I want to ensure I safely release all fish I land. I know how slippery pike are; and how they will flop around in a boat vigorously. I have been able to land my smaller pike by grabbing them behind their head and lifting them up in the boat. I know this won't work for a large muskie. What is the best way to hold a muskie for a quick pick and release? Any recommendations on fish nets that will minimize injuring the fish? Do I have to worry about razor sharp gill plates if I stick my hand in their gill area?

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    the best hold is horizontal..too much stress on the fish internal organs if its vertical. i keep em in the net boatside in a rod holder for measurement. frabill big kahuna is a good net to have.i think gloves do more damage than just your hand does...as they take off alot of slime.. yes you better worry about gill plates with your hands..! check out muskiefirst.com you will get all the info you need there and more!! if yer fishin caesars, check out muskies inc. central ohio message board also. they will help you...