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  1. I am looking for wheelchair accessable fishing spot near Middletown. It would be great if there were fish in the area :D
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    cant remember the name but is part of dayton metro parks. Off chamberlain rd in franlin. They have handicap access. If you mapquest the area with aerial image you will see it.

  3. No too close but not too far. Caesars Creek has a Handicap concrete access for Wheelchairs. It right off of SR73. Turn into the beach access, instead of going all the way to the beach head towards the Kids Pond and there is access there.

    As far as the Fishing.???? I believe they put attractors there but I never fish it anymore. I used to catch big carp off of it at night years ago when I was a teen.
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    Sharon Woods in Sharonville is about 1/2 hour away and has a nice deck/dock for kids and handicapped. Rush Run in Preble County also has nice concrete piers with rod holders, its very accessible and not too far from Middletown.
  5. Acton (huston woods) has a nice pier that would be good for wheelchair access. I think the odnr website has a list of handicap accessible lakes.
  6. thanks for all the tips im sure i will find a good spot