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Hand Up or Hand Out to the so-called "Homeless Beggers"

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by icebucketjohn, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Plenty of jobs to be had out there, no way I'm giving cash.
    I spent 40+ years working to get where I am today. Go to work and you can have what I have.
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  2. They say they make upwards of $150-200 a day in new york city...thats $50,000-70,000 a year tax free depending on how much you wanna work.

    With that being said I've never, ever gave them a single a matter of fact I've told them to F off before more than once...
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  3. What Fastwater said! If you are led to give, then do it. Something to consider.... what are we most worried about, getting taken advantage of? Use your discernment and know you did it with a right heart. Who was ever taken advantage of more than Jesus?
  4. The only beggar I see much is the sax player at Progressive field. If he's playing a song I like I'll drop some coins in his case. Thankfully I don't run into any around Cleveland except when I'm downtown.
  5. snag


    You give them money to keep up any drugs or alcohol problem they have, your just helping the current problem we have now. Other than the original post which the fella was down and out and Not begging the rest of those bums can stand out side forever in my book.
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  6. I agree.

    Did you see this John Stossel report on this?
  7. Like I've said,I've given before. And more then likely will do it again. And I 100% don't blame the guys that won't give a penny to a beggar.
    You earned your money and you have every right to do what ever ya want with.....

    Ok ok... guys.... I am down to my last cast of braid,only enough gas to get to the lake,not back. An no money for worms....
    Anyone spare some extra change?
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  8. I have a spare spool of braid and an extra couple gallons of gas for ya....and you can come out, water the yard down and pick worms till ya get tired. :D
  9. at the Manchester rd. exit from 224 there are alwas people standing there asking for money. you guys can call me mean but from what I have seen I wont give them money, one guy who is older I seen him staggering down from the circle k drunk as a skunk, one young guy who took a break under the bridge and was talking on a smart phone, and a women who had a sign saying she needed money for her kids, she had a double stroller parked there with no children in it and it looked like she got it out of the trash. I work hard for my money and if they need money for food I would buy them something to eat, but they all turned me down. people make bad choices in life and I cant control that, but have some pride and try to get a job, last time I checked its the American way
  10. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    There's a guy who sets up shop at an intersection just a couple blocks away near a fast food store. He has a sign that says, something like, "Homeless Vet. Please Help!" Found out from my neighbor that he owns a home a couple blocks behind me! He is neither homeless, nor a Vet!

    Heard a similar story out of Cleveland. Guy would set up where a freeway off ramp emptied onto a surface street. At the same time every day, he'd pack up, hike up the road to a fast food parking lot where a late model car would come and pick him up!

    Too many scammers out there playing on people's emotions!

    Someone suggested offering food instead of money as a test. Good idea! I always laughed at the old sign "Will work for food". Why not work for money with which you can buy food!

    My Mom told me about a time she was in New York City. She and her girlfriend stopped at some deli for lunch. She had a reuben, and the corned beef was stacked about 4" high! Way more than she could eat, and she ate half the sandwich. The waitress asked if she wanted a doggy bag and my Mom said no. They were staying in a hotel and it would just go to waste.

    So, the waitress wrapped it up and gave it to my Mom with a styrofoam cup of hot, black coffee, and told her to give it to one of the homeless guys outside. He acted like my Mom had handed him a million dollars!
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  11. I have to share another instance.
    My wife and I were going to the local supermarket. There were these 2 people, man and woman holding a these people looked for real and desperate.
    We went and got our groceries and bought them a qt of milk a loaf of bread and a pk of bologna and mustard.
    When driving back past them, I motioned for them to come to the car. I gave her the bag with their food in it and you would a thought I gave them a million dollars they were so thankful!!

    We got home and i thought how much they would probably love a hot shower and some clean cloths (there's s truck stop not too far). I could continue to bless them.
    Well I went back to where they were and they were nowhere to be found.

    Angels unaware? Who knows but was so glad they were genuinely in need and i was blessed enough to help them.
  12. So you were gonna give them a hot shower and some clean clothes???
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  13. I use to give money to beggars sometimes until I met one in Mississippi that worked a stretch of restaurants where tourists went. His house must of cost $250,000 (which at the time was about 3 times what a decent house in the area cost) and he had a couple real nice cars. His story was he had lost all his money at the casino. Have a guy now that has been stranded at the local Walmart for the 13 years I have lived here. When I give money now it is to one of the many places or programs that are set up to help. That way I know the people I am helping are truly in need.
  14. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    I got off a double shift at 7am one day, stopped at the local gas station and picked up a 6 pack of beer. as I was getting ready to leave, I rolled down my windows and this older guy walks up to my passenger side window and says "excuse me sir, I see you have some tasty beverages, id like a tasty beverage, might I have one?" I still had the change of the $20 I used to buy the 6 pack in my hand and said "here enjoy" and gave him $10. he didn't try to BS me, said he wanted a beverage. I thought why not. but I don't make a habit of giving the local beggars anything except "I'm not giving you any money"
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  15. MIGHTY


    I've worked on Greenlawn avenue for the last 12-13 years. I've had a ton of encounters over the years. I have a hard time telling people no and for a while I would hesitantly give a dollar or two whenever I was asked. That all changed when I was at the speedway on high street getting diesel and a guy approached me and showed me his wallet and drivers license and said he wasn't a bum and just needed $5 for gas. I gave him the money then the following week I pulled into BP at the corner of high and Greenlawn to get some beverages while on lunch and I saw him walking around asking people pumping gas. He approached me with the same story as I walked out of the store and I asked him if the money I loaned him the previous week only managed to get him 100 yards down high street and suggested he start taking a bike to work so he wouldn't run out of gas every day. After that no more. Not long after that a different guy approached me at the same speedway asking for money. I said no. He then pulled a napkin out of his pocket and opened it up and offered to sell me a 24k gold chain for $25. I told him for $25 it was either fake or stolen and I didn't want anything to do with it. He then pulled the race card saying "just because so and so got a nice chain means it stolen huh?" no more money from me. For a little while I carried around the classified section of the newspaper but only on one occasion did I give it to someone that asked me for money. Now I just tell them I don't have cash or change or if they ask for gas money I offer to put a little in their car. When they decline the offer I exchange some choice words and go on my way.
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  16. I am thankful that whatever the circumstances, that I am fortunate enough to not be standing on the corner begging. But for the grace of God there goes I.
  17. I was going to take them to the truck stop and buy them a hot shower and money to launder their cloths.
  18. Seen a guy outside house of blue sign read "not going to lie just need money for a beer" he approached me and i told him man if i had any extra cash i would buy one just for being honest.

    I gave money to a guy one time asking at the gas station. Gave him a few loose bills he turned around and got in a nicer vehicle than what i was driving!! Never again
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  19. Very, very few people are homeless or broke by accident or no fault of their own. They have made very bad life choices to put themselves where they are and they continue making those choices. I don't give money to anyone, too many fakes, too many that just continue their bad ways.

    When I was remodeling a restaurant downtown Columbus I saw the same people everyday with the same stories, it took them a couple weeks but eventually they knew to not even bother asking me. I would just laugh at them, same guy everyday that was out of gas, same lady everyday that had just lost her keys and needed bus fare.

    I was raised right and have made good decisions in my life, I work very hard for my money, I'm not giving it to someone that has done the opposite of me. My tax dollars help them out plenty.
  20. We have a few in Portsmouth that are legit, one guy with both legs amputated. But a few years ago, another man was begging at the intersection of SR 23 and SR 52, every day!! A person saw him get into a nice Ford truck and drive away. A little later on, he was caught at Walmart buying a big screen TV but a few folks who had helped him out. Now a days the only people who get my money are the bell ringers with the kettles.
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