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Hand Up or Hand Out to the so-called "Homeless Beggers"

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by icebucketjohn, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. I'm in a quandry. I used to give out dollar bills and food to the so-called "home-less" beggers along highway exits. After seeing the same people time after time, season after season, and year after year... I finally made the decision to stop giving.

    I asked myself: "Am I actually helping these people or 'Enabling' them?
    " Are they actually homeless or simply "unemployed"?

    I am a christian and believe in helping the down-trodden, but I've come to realizing the majority of these "beggers" are simply mooching, drug addicts and looking to pad their life-style off of my hard-earned income. Most get some sort of federal aid and assistance. There tatoo's, cell-phone and clean clothing sort of give them away.

    I'm interested in the thoughts of other OGF'ers.

    beggar1.jpg beggar2.jpg
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  2. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    I agree with you. We give money to our church and the church gives out food and other things weekly to help people who really need it. Once a month we have a big luncheon at the church for anyone who wants to eat burgers and hotdogs and who may need some prayer. There I know my money is going for the right thing .
    There are a lot of programs to help people who really need it without us being taken for saps by those scamming us at every stoplight.
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  3. I have seen enough instances of them selling drugs that I do not feel bad at all about not giving them anything. We do make several cash donations a year to the Heaven of Rest (homeless shelter in Akron).
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  4. 2 young men near my home had a sign they made that said "Need money for weed, why lie?" Not sure how much they made but I bet they made some.
  5. I Fish

    I Fish I am what I eat.

    Strange how things work. I was just pondering this very thing this morning, and this also happened to be the very first time I have logged into ogf with my phone, as such, my first post from it, lol.

    Anyway, I'm thinking the next one I see, I'm going to offer them a dollar a minute until the light changes to do jumping jacks, sing, or something. Every time they say they can't do what I ask, I'll ask for something else, lol. I mean, that's $60 buck's an hour tax free. I'd like to make that much!.
  6. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    My wife and i disagree about this subject. She would give away all the money in her pocket if we lived in a big city. It is too hard for me to pick out the ones who are truly in need from the ones who are truly lazy.
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  7. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    Used to give to them as well but have seen the same thing and backed way off also.
    But here about a month ago, I came out of Krogers and had gotten to my car with groceries. It was one of those evenings that the temp was pushing 90 with crazy humidity.
    Anyways, while putting groceries in car, I looked over and saw a guy leaning against the back of an old car that had all the windows rolled down. He looked to be about 65 or so, had a white stained t-shirt on with white, dingy pants and shoes that had the sides out.
    He had no sign nor was he panhandling but something told me to approach him but I really didn't know why or what to say. As I approached him, I started praying for guidance as to what to say to him.

    As I go to him, I asked him if his car was broke down. He told me no and that he was waiting on his wife to come out of the store, that the A/C in the car didn't work and it was too hot to sit in the car.
    Looking at the car, you could tell they were living in it.
    His breathing was very heavy, his face was beet red and with it being as hot as it was, he was sweating like crazy. His heavy breathing worried me a bit so I asked him if he was feeling ok. He said he was but the string o hot weather and high humidity makes it hard for him to breath cause he had emphysema and needed to get an inhaler.
    As we talked, he further told me that he was a disabled Vet and had been going to the VA hospital for various treatments for many years. He said he and his wife were doing ok and making it until she started having heart issues. Things really took a downwards trend then and that they had to leave their rental, had been living in their car and we're waiting on further assistance from the VA as far as housing. Said his wife was in the store getting food with what was left of their $.
    All the while we were talking, I was praying for guidance as to what to do.
    Already long story short, I asked him if he had the $ to get a motel room that night, would he spend it on a room with AC for his wife and himself. He said he surely would. Gave him enough $ for that as well as enough for them to eat on that night.
    As I handed him that $, the tears swelled up in his eyes uncontrollably. He started thanking me as best he could through his sobbing. We had a bit of prayer, thanked him for his service to our country, shook hands and I left.

    I was very reluctant to write this post as I don't feel any thanks what so ever is needed on my part. Believe me, I was more Blessed as I walked away from him than he was... and honestly feel bad I couldn't do more for him and his wife.
    But I write this post solely...and most importantly, to say that with prayer, if we ask Him to lead our feet, He will lead us to those that honestly need our help.
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  8. As long as I see more help wanted signs than I do beggers they wont get any sypathy or help from me... it really gets my goat to see these people on the same corner begging for years and years...i was sitting at a corner one day and watched 2 people exchange the same sign that read something like " I have 3 kids and cancer...cant work...please help""".....well its been 3 or 4 years and the cancer hasn't finished either person off yet because they are still begging on the same corner!!! I feel someone truly needing help would go to a church or some sort of government agency to get help...i feel that mostly these people are professional beggers....thats the JOB they have and I will not give them nothing...this is just my own opinion and hopefully nobody gets offended by these remarks...and if im wrong, then i apologize...
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  9. MuskyFan

    MuskyFan This year is flying by too fast....

    Too many fakes. Fake Vets, fake homeless, fake "need money for kids". Several in the Cincy area will stand waiting for handouts only to leave and get in the there Mercedes, BMW, or other high end car. Had one homeless guy (actually lived under the Norwood Lateral) shaking down those who dared to stand on his corner to fleece drivers. Ballsy move. Also had a few living behind the bushes at H-D of Cincinnati. May still be there. I Don't feel bad at all for not giving them anything.
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  10. Read an article about this subject the other day. Person suggested that if you really want to help someone, and assure that they aren't using the money for drugs, either give them a small food gift card or give them a food item not perishable.
  11. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    You probably won't be able to read the whole story but there is a guy in the article begging since the early 2000's. It's his job.

    I like slide 16 where there is no difference between those who contantly bug you on the phone soliciting for charities like vets and firefighters and police officers (FOP) and panhandlers.

    We had a young girl probably no older than 10 years old knock on our car window last Saturday at a red light asking for a donation to her cheerleading group. Where were her parents?! She was running among cars in a 5 lane main road knocking on car windows asking for money.
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  12. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    I'm sympathetic to all of those truly in need and my wife and I do all we can for as many as we can. That said I cannot tell you how many times, and it has been several, over the years I have pulled out of of a retail property we are working in and encountered a panhandler working the retail center lot entrance. I stop and tell them where our project is located on the property and offer them good hourly cash pay if they want to go work for a few hours or a few days. I tell them our Job Superintendents name and that he will give them a hard hat and gloves and all they have to do is keep the project swept clean. No other requirements as there are trades people on the job to cover that, just sweep, stay busy, keep it clean and I will pay you well to help out your situation. Not one time EVER has a single guy walked in one of our projects and taken me up on that offer. I did however have one of those I offered work to get angry for asking him to work for pay, he wanted me to just give him cash "right now", and attempt to stab me, that was nice. That tells me a bit about 'most' of these folks out there panhandling on the corners.
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  13. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    I have (had) an old disabled vet fishing buddy who went down the wrong road in life. Haven't talked to him for a year or so now.

    He gets help from the VA for food. He stands on the corner begging for money to buy crack.

    Main reason we don't talk is everytime he approaches me asking for money he knows I will respond with "how can I help get you out of your situation?" He doesn't want out of his situation, he wants money for crack,which I won't give him.

    The vast majority of these beggars are out there for one reason and one reason only: money for drugs.
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  14. When they were young, our kids would ask us about such things when we were out and about. Folks standing on corners in pouring down rain and/or snow with signs that read much like that has been already described. I help people for a living, but IMO at least the poorest of the poor are not those we are seeing on the street corners. I see them in our clinics, and rarely, if ever, see them panhandling around our building.

    We tell our kids that life is filled with choices. If you make the right choices (and are fortunate enough to have someone show you right from wrong) things will be fine. One bad choice often leads to another, and in a lot of cases, ends up defining the life of a person.

    Having said all of that, let's not be so quick to judge. Not one of us is perfect.
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  15. It would be harder for me to beg on a corner,then it would for me to work ANY job out there.
    I used to pass out loose change all the time,not so much anymore. If I get the "out of gas,wanna get home to my family but has light is on" I'll offer to put a couple gallons gas in there ride. But most decline an say they want cash. Eh wrong answer.
    If I see a beggar on the corner,I'm normally in my work truck so have extra drinks/snacks with me I'll offer them out....
    Kinda funny story. Guy was on the corner with a sign "need help of any kind,please". I had no cash at all but I had a knock off Rolex watch my cousin had bought a few why in ny (Lol we where young). I told the guy I didn't have any cash but he could pick out a watch. If he really needed the money mane some one would give him a few bucks for it. He said ya right,I've never had a cool watch before,now I'll know what time it is as he slapped it on.....

    Fastwater,I know you don't want any type of praise for what you did. But that's awesome and great to here about,thanks for shareing.
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  16. I don't believe for one second that I am qualified to judge by looking at someone whether or not they are capable of holding a job, has had their house re-possessed, graduated from high school, has cancer or whatever. I do know, that if I decide in my heart that the right thing for me to do is hand them some cash as my way of helping them with their burden then so be it.

    My actions are motivated by good faith and caring and is between my God and me, not what he/ she does with the cash.

    What they do with that cash has no bearing on my charterer, only theirs. With any luck, that random act of kindness could make some positive impact.
  17. Aman...
  18. I drove truck in the mid 80's and stopped at a rest area on I 5 in Cali for a nature call.
    There was this guy dressed in green pants and an army jacket with no name on it.

    Had a sign begging for me, he just didn't seem desperate.

    So I go and unload my truck and pick up another load a few miles away and there he is. The same guy as the day before....getting into a Mercedes-Benz. I was floored and wanted to smack that a-hole...really made me mad.

    After that, no more!!
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  19. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Offer food. If they refuse, you know they are a faker.
  20. nuttycrappie

    nuttycrappie "I have OCD "Obsessive Crappie Disorder"

    its nice to see people give to the real homeless people .but i have seen to many people con other people into asking for money so me i refuse to give .been ask to many times in krogers lot for money or gas money i flat out tell them NO .really your driving around in a car asking for cash cause you have no gas in your car. sorry nope not from me get a job if you can drive.when i give its to my parents church only or ST Jude ,.i hope i didnt offend just seems everyone has a scam for cash and i am done.